she believes!

i am so excited about christmas. it is the most amazing time of the year. so, i as a mother felt it was my duty & obligation to instill the same belief into sweet cheeks that christmas is the absolute "most wonderful time of the year." it started late in november when we began listening to christmas music. she is quite good at "jingle bells." it then progressed into the first week of december when we hung stockings and put up the christmas tree. for a two year old, sweet cheeks truly amazed me at putting up the tree. she was great with the decorations. now onto the holiday movies, i had to record the classics for her to watch, as they are on past her bedtime. I had "rudolph" and "a charlie brown christmas" for her to see. sadly, it was "shrek the halls" that she loved! i think she has watched it a total of 15 times. she now has a favorite holiday movie as well, "the polar express."

i really thought this movie was going to be too old for her to enjoy but i was so wrong. she absolutely loves it. tom hanks did a great job with his many characters in this one. i love how excited sweet cheeks is about christmas already. we have been reading "twas the night before christmas" and "the story of christmas" to her quite a bit. she is excited for santa to bring her presents, though she isn't up for sitting on his lap just yet. she hopes he will bring her a vacuum and baby doll. i am thrilled to see the excitement for christmas through her new, young eyes. it is going to be just as much fun for sweet cheeks parents, as it will be for sweet cheeks.


i don't have a little one, as we all know, but if i did you can bet i would be sporting one of these great slings. i love it! why didn't i know about the easiness of slings when sweet cheeks was a baby. what rock was i living under? they can be found here.


one more sweet find, if only i knew someone with twins girls to appreciate these cute necklaces from violet gum drop dot com:

a bonus photo of sweet cheeks for fun because there is just no better way to color than without your pants on!