the first is so close

in just 3.5 weeks sweet cheeks will be starting the first grade. not only has her summer flown by, her last 6 years have flown by. she is very excited to be a first grader.

we did most of her school shopping already at old navy. sweet cheeks wears a uniform so the shopping isn't as exciting as i once remember. her wardrobe consists of polos in red, white, or navy, and pants/skirts in khaki or navy. thankfully she is able to spruce up her mundane outfits with her shoes, socks, leggings, and headbands.

sweet cheeks picked out her backpack from garnet hill this year. for some reason she really wanted one that rolls. i jus went with it.
and bonus! their backpacks come with free shipping and a free matching lunch box right now. oh how i love free.

and we also got her these fun morgan + milo leopard print mary janes from garnett hill-

month 2

Hadley turned 12 weeks yesterday but these pictures were taken Monday, so technically she was still two months.

These days hadley
-holds a baby speak conversation with you which is totally adorable
-reaches for things with her hands in a semi uncontrolled manner. She wants to grab something and flails her arm in the right direction till she hits something
-smiles lots, especially if Caroline is in view
-eats 3oz per feeding which is usually ever two hours
-is no where close to sleeping through the night. The longest stint to date was 5 hours, and that's only happened twice! Average is four hours then every two
-takes 2.5mls of prevacid in the morning and evening, and mylanta as needed
-is absolutely adorable
-is due to start school, as we like to call daycare, in two weeks

wordless wednesday


picture overload

so i have been mia for two weeks. hadley is keeping me way more busy than i ever expected.

she was having a few good weeks but unfortunately the vaccinations she received last friday set her back again due to a reflux flare up. a week later and she is doing a bit better but still not where she was prior to the shots. i really think it was the rota vax that did her in. it is a live virus and viruses, so i am told by her gi doc, will always result in a reflux flare up. wish i would have put two and two together before the vaccine. maybe i could have prevented her from having a bad week.

so now i present to you picture overload of my girls, caroline and hadley...

hadley lights up when her sister is near. i love to see them together!

she looks so old here! such a big kid