18 weeks

how far along: 18 weeks, 3 days

weight gained: 3 lbs

maternity clothes: a bit. some shirts and 1 pair of gap semi panel jeans. love them! so comfy. also no, still wearing lots of my own shirts and pants (with a belly band of course)

stretch marks: nope. not at all. never got them with sweet cheeks either. hope it stays that way! need to buy myself some mustela.

belly button in: way in!

baby movement: i don't think so. every so often i stop and think, "hey, was that it? did i feel her move?" then that is it. the moments gone. so no real movement yet but i absolutely can't wait.

cravings: queso tonight since we ate at moe's and i couldn't have it. darn you soft cheese!

aversions: no

my first belly shot! can you see it?
i think i feel bigger than i look.


block party

these blocks from etsy are cute for both decor and playtime.

still can't believe i will be decorating a nursery for sweet cheek's sister soon.

sister sue designs - pretty in pink play blocks

knit style - sydney cloth blocks

wordless wednesday (pic from june)


wordless wednesday

*all product is from etsy of course!



first nursery purchase

my first purchase for the nursery!

not sure why i like these little wood animals from west elm but i do. i think i'll be using them as decor, not bookends. sweet cheeks is so excited to do the nursery. there is just so much work that goes into emptying a playroom/office first. i am not up for the task just yet but i am definitely putting my ideas together for what i want the room to look like. i love reading ohdeedoh right now for ideas. great inspiration there.

wordless wednesday



i wish i had taken pictures of all the homemade halloween decorations sweet cheeks and i made on saturday. lots of paper towel ghosts and construction paper bats were hung all over our playroom. it was a fun craft morning for the two of us. sweet cheeks kept saying, 'doesn't it look so halloweeny?"

so last night we went to my sister's house to trick or treat. this year was a bit different than the past 3 years as conley did not trick or treat with the girls. conley, a total tween now, went with his friends. so sweet cheeks was w/ cailyn and cailyn's school friend. the dads took the girls around the neighborhood while melissa and i passed out candy. sweet cheeks and her dad were the first to return. she got the amount of candy she wanted and was done after that. i guess she was in a hurry to get home and eat it.

conley, sweet cheeks, and cailyn pre-make up and masks

cailyn, the geisha, and sweet cheeks, the cupcake fairy
adorable even with a huge cupcake on her head

chocolate teeth and all