and we're cooking

sweet cheeks and i have been using our aprons quite a bit. she is enjoying them so much more than i thought she would.

we made a batch of
chocolate chip pancakes last week. of course, we were wearing our aprons!

she is great at measuring

and great at mixing...

enjoying her own own flapjacks!


not so wordless wednesday

happy birthday dad, grandpa, mafra and gg.
love, sweet cheeks

(**gg not shown)


wearable, laughable

threadless kids has some really funny tees.

tee from threadless: $18
on sale tee from threadless: $15
laughs from the little tees: priceless

mow hawk

the milky way

you really grate on me

the beetles

fast food
a birth day

milk moustache

threadless offers some of the same tees in adult sizes. they also have a lot of other funny options.


we're back in the u.s. of a

it snowed in ga...

(my little bro, who dog sat for us, took this pic with his phone for us to see on fb)

but we missed it.

because we were in jamaica mon!

i will share lots of pictures tomorrow of our amazing vacation.

despite being diagnosed with strep throat the morning we left for vacation, sweet cheeks had a fabulous time!


dinner with friends

we are so lucky in that we have two sets of close friends with kids near by, less than 1-2 miles. it works out perfectly. we get together pretty often for dinner and playtime for the kids. of course now that i think about it, i don't think we really even go to friend's houses that don't have kids. just too risky! such a different world.

sweet cheeks has so much fun playing with our friend's twin boys, who are only 5 months younger than she is. they play so well together. i have to say that it is a refreshing change when sweet cheeks plays with them as there is usually no drama or crying. i think boys play so differently than girls. and i can tell sweet cheeks likes playing with a whole new style of toys.

the boys, trey and o'neal, have a lot of super hero costumes. so now every time we go to their house, sweet cheeks wears her super girl costume. it is pretty funny.

sweet cheeks and o'neal saying cheese

trey's super smile (i love his super long lashes!)

dinner time


sole sister

i am loving these shoes from morgan and milo.

woodstock mary jane in violet

ginger floral in clay

cute and i love the color, but i wonder how long it would take that little flower to distort?


i am also loving the song "hey, soul sister" by train-


the coffee shop

i love nothing more than listening to the local coffee shop singers in our upstairs playroom. sweet cheeks and the husband sing and play guitar together. it makes me smile from ear to ear to hear them.

sweet cheeks singing (in costume) an oasis song, 'wonderwall.'

seriously, she is so adorable.

wordless wednesday


hers and hers

i didn't tell sweet cheeks yet but i ordered us matching aprons off of etsy from brody and ma. i am actually pretty excited about it. i already have this vision in my head of the two of us making cookies. not just cookies from the roll either... cookies from scratch! i can't wait.

here is the kid one and the adult one is identical.

brody and ma also has a great selection of medium and large planters and storage tins that are decoupaged in fabric. i don't need it but bought one anyway simply because i love the fabric colors. the blue really pops off that orange, doesn't it.


little miss sunshine

sweet cheek's cousin, cailyn, turned 8 last month. she had a slumber party and invited 7 girls, including sweet cheeks (the only oh-so-cool 4 yo invited). i thought it was so sweet of cailyn to invite sweet cheeks, considering she is 3 years younger than the rest of them. she could have easily not mentioned the party to sweet cheeks and moved on, but she didn't do that. she invited and welcomed her among her 8-year old giddy school friends. how sweet is that.

i think sweet cheeks did a pretty good job of hanging with the older girls. she didn't show her true age all that much. and by that i mean she didn't cry or whine the entire night. she was even able to stay up till almost midnight. i was impressed.

sweet cheeks and cailyn before the party started (and yes, sweet cheeks intentionally tried to dress like her cousin by wearing a similar tutu skirt)

the birthday girl

cupcake time

look how well sweet cheeks blended with the other girls

on our way home from the party, the first thing sweet cheeks asked me was, "what does cross your heart mean?". funny the things she picked up on.

i am so happy that sweet cheeks has cailyn. they are like sisters and i absolutely adore that they have one another.