girls girls girls

so i don't even try to keep it a secret that if there was the 100% guarantee that i could have another daughter, i would do it in a second. part of this stems from the fact that i absolutely love and adore sweet cheeks so much that i would love to do it again. also, the girl is sweet as can be and would make an amazing big sister. she adores being with other kids. another reason is that my sister is my absolute best friend in the world. i couldn't imagine my life without her and wouldn't want to. i want so much for sweet cheeks to have that same kind of relationship with a sister that i have with mine. i think girls are the best. always so sweet, so smart, so considerate. why wouldn't i want to have another girl. all this being said, we know there is no guarantee so i can't do it. this doesn't stop me from noticing all of the other fortunate mommies of two girls out there. i feel like they are everywhere. i am sure most of them didn't even think twice about just how blessed they were to have two girls. to be able to give their daughter an homemade best friend. what a gift that must be. so i can't help but feel a little jealous when i see it happening everyday. just today, a friend of mine came to tell me the story of how her sister in law had her 2nd daughter in the car today. yes, i did just say that she had her baby IN THE CAR! how crazy is that. but despite the crazy place for a birth to occur, my first thought was how lucky she was to be getting another daughter. it is just an amazing thing though, sisters.

and now, some pictures of sweet cheeks over the long holiday weekend. we did so much- 2 birthday parties, shopping trip to the mall, cook out, and dinner with the grandparents. we were quite busy but had a great weekend.

here she is in her witness protection picture-

don't flame me, please. 99.9% of the time she is wearing a helmet when she rides her bike. i just so happened to remember all of her knee, elbow, and hand pads but totally forgot the helmet. believe me, she doesn't go fast... at all!

blowing bubbles at the cook out-

sweetly sitting with her cousin (thankfully the battery was out of this thing!)

and the annual memorial day wedgie picking!


have you seen the new indiana jones movie yet, the kingdom of the crystal skull? i haven't yet but i really can't wait to. you just gotta love harrison ford!


the show does go on...

another video but better since we know this rockstar.

my sweet cheeks is still a huge carly fan, even though she got the boot from AI. she never once judged the contestant for the many, and i mean many, tattoos that she has. maybe it was the irish accent that sweet cheeks was drawn to. once carly was gone, sweet cheeks refused to watch any new episodes of the show and only watches one old one that has carly on it singing a queen song. she gets up on our fireplace, uhmm i mean stage, and sings right along with her into her $7 target microphone (which sweet cheeks is currently requesting a stand to). she is quite good.
take a look for yourself at my superstar!

***the t-shirt sweet cheeks is wearing is from texas and says alamo on it. her aunt brought it back for her from a work trip and it is now sweet cheeks favorite tee. she requests it daily!


new favorite song

i have been hearing this song "where i stood" on a local radio station and really like it. her name is missy higgins. i think she sounds like a cross between fiona apple and tori amos. i really like it though. see what you think-


when i drive myself my light is found

yes, lyrics to 'drive' by one of my favorite bands, incubus. i went with that since someone small is driving her own ride now. sweet cheeks and her dad did the big yard sailing again this weekend (two hours of cleaning time for me) and found a real steal. she is now the proud owner of a motorized barbie jeep. it is the cutest thing, especially with her behind the wheel. when they got back to the house with it on saturday morning, sweet cheeks cousin had just got to our house, so the two got to test it out for the first time together. i think they both loved it. now if we could just teach sweet cheeks to steer. currently, i am walking beside her steering for her. hopefully she will catch on shortly.

and here she is... dressed up for pizza at the house of course!

her cheeks are naturally so cute and chunky, but look at the cutie cheeks all full of air for blowing bubbles-

i love her in headbands. i wish she would wear them more often but she has no patience for them. i need to find some new hairclips for her. to etsy i go...


things that would be small to someone other than me, the mom:

-the other day sweet cheeks and i were playing hide n seek and she counted to thirty on her own

-she can write the letters t & c on her own, and if we write them side by side, she can write my name on her own

-only one night accident in over 3 months of sleeping in big girl undies

-she is doing math on her fingers

-her memory is amazing. she compared a skull on a burger king cup yesterday to my sinus x-rays that she saw about 2 months ago

she surprises me everyday with something new!


i have discovered that there are two kinds of people in this world-
those that lick their fingers to turn the page and those that don't.
i am the latter. which are you?
(be warned, i think the first is not only obnoxious, but a bit gross)


a new fan

she is at it again! sweet cheeks and her 6 yo cousin were in her playroom playing dress up last weekend. i gotta say, the girl is good at coming up with outfits, as is her cousin. i came up the stairs to find her looking like this:

she got the outfit, the shoes, the hat, and the accessories covered! i tried to make her change before going out to dinner that night. we ended in a compromise and she left the house in the skirt but without the shoes, hat & shirt.

as i just said, sweet cheeks loves to play with her 6 yo cousin all the time. she doesn't only want to play with her, she wants to imitate everything her cousin does. it is pretty funny to watch my 3yo say she is a highschooler. one of my nieces favorite things to play with are polly pockets, so you can just guess who polly pockets newest & youngest fan is?

disney now sells a version of princess polly pocket figures. sweet cheeks will gladly play with either. yesterday i cleaned out her closet while she independently played with her toys for almost an hour. now anyone with a toddler will tell you this is a long time! thank you polly pocket and your millions of tiny shoes that i am continually stepping on!


when sweet cheeks was a baby, i had purchased these black foam squares from target for her to play on. kind of made it her own little play space with her toys on it. you have seen them before in the black, or in the colored alphabet squares like these:

well now skip-hop has introduced the absolute cutest squares in some really great colors. what baby wouldn't want to play on these:


just a quickie

sweet cheeks and i had a fun but very busy weekend with my 3 nieces. it was so much for for sweet cheeks but wore me out. i will have a regular post soon but due to sheer laziness, for now i am only posting two things.

first, an oldie but goodie picture of sweet cheeks. i absolutely adore this photo and can't believe how fast she is growing. i want to slow time. definitely the same cheeks, but with longer hair!

pedipeds are the cutest toddler shoe out there. sweet cheeks had two pairs when she was just learning to walk. they are such a soft shoe with a nice soft sole that still offers a bit of support. so since i showed a toddler picture of her, here is a cute pair of toddler janine pedipeds shoes from the pajama squid. be sure to browse the rest of the site. they have so many more cute items.