nothing left to do but smile smile smile

it has been so beautiful outside that i have loved taking photos of sweet cheeks outdoors. it is so difficult though being the parent to such a beautiful child, yet she refuses to pose for the camera. i had to share the great shots of her that i was able to catch.

1. she found a piece of pine straw. purpose of the pine straw: to poke at a spider-free spiderweb!

2. all smiles because we were sneakily sitting on the back of daddy's car. (i will shamelessly try anything to make her smile)

3. GRRRRRR- i love this photo, with the exception of the fact that i cut off the top of her head. her amazing features really come through here. what amazing eyes sweet cheeks has.

4. can you guess what she is eating? another new favorite of hers: a cannoli. she has a small piece of italian in her afterall.

5. here i am... new haircut & all. maybe i should have shared a before picture but i am sure there is one on this blog somewhere. i am still not sure how i feel about it. it is a nice cut but doesn't really have much WOW factor.



i seriously wish that i enjoyed picking out my clothes each day as much i do for sweet cheeks. her closet is always so organized. her clothes are always put away. her socks are always matched. her room is never out of order. i wish i applied the same TLC to my own bedroom, closet, and wardrobe. but i don't. maybe smaller clothes are just cuter. maybe it is the fact that clothes in the size 2T range are about a 1/3 of the cost of my own, on a sale day! so here is another oh-so-sweet picture of sweet cheeks in her leggings. she has them in black and purple as well, but the brown just seem to coordinate so much more with everything.

(in case you are wondering what is in her hand, it is a fruit loop straw. a current favorite of hers!)


i have found some sweet hairclips to buy for sweetcheeks from my new favorite website, etsy. i love the colors and shapes of these clips, plus the price isn't that bad at $6.50 per clip. no doubt they will coordinate well with the rest of sweet cheeks fall attire. luckily, she is still at an age in which mommy can pick out her clothes without much protest from the toddler.


just like you!

i can not believe it has already been a week since my last post. i was hoping to make a new goal for myself of two posts a week, but that will have to wait until next week.

this picture of sweet cheeks is of her eating her first candy corn of the halloween season. though, she is eating gourmet candy corn that is strawberry cotton candy flavor. i must say it is yummy. we both like it! i have noticed though that not everyone likes candy corn. i guess it is an acquired taste. she is also wearing her new june, from little einsteins, hooded tee. what a cutie in it. she insisted on wearing the hood all morning long.


I now have a really cute story to share about sweet cheeks. i was finished getting ready this morning and grabbing everything that i needed to take with me downstairs so i would not forget anything. i quickly put a tampon in my front pocket. i went to sweet cheeks room to get her ready. she quickly pointed at the tampon in my pocket to ask what it was. i just told her it was something for mommy. we both walked out of her room. i went to her bathroom to get a wash cloth to wet her hair(who knew even toddlers get bedhead). she went into my room. next thing i know, she walks into the bathroom where i am standing and she has a tampon sticking out of her pocket as well. i laughed, for many reasons. i laughed that she knew where i kept my tampons. i laughed at her for putting it in her pocket. i laughed at the sheer sweetness of the story. i laughed because i was ecstatic about just how lucky of a mother i am. such a small story but it says a lot about how much my kid takes in what i do daily. she is so quick to imitate me, or her daddy. it really made me realize just how careful i have to be with all of my actions, big and small, since my toddler, the sponge, has her eyes on me all of the time.


have you seen this book yet? i plan on getting it. i love the basic concept of sneaking veggies into sweet cheeks food, still offering the whole veggie on the side. that is what it takes to get kids to eat veggies these days, well my kid anyway!


thursday thirteen

happy birthday to you mom!

finally, i have a photo of sweet cheeks in her new crewcuts dress. she wore it today and it is fabUlous. i guess it doesn't ever really matter to me what she is wearing because i always think she she is cute. the clothes are just an extra bonus :)

lately, one of my favorite websites to browse for work and pleasure is etsy.com. this is a site for anyone who is crafty to sell on. what a great concept. rather than someone trying to run their own small website with only a few items for sale, they can now post their items on this huge site seen by so many. not only that, but it has such a great variety. you can find clothes, jewelry, pillows, blanket, and more for purchase. another benefit of etsy is that if you aren't crafty (as i definitely am not), you can still buy something that is homemade. there is something special about purchasing anything homemade, and you then know just how unique it is.

while looking on this site, i came across so many cute baby items. yes, i was doing research for work, not myself. so here is my thursday thirteen of the cutest etsy bibs for sale, with the guitar one being one of my favs:


not just small potatoes

saturday morning sweet cheeks and i had the best breakfast out. we had a delectable fresh cinnamon crunch bagel topped with cream cheese, a new favorite to sweet cheeks food list which i blame myself for since i ate at least 2 of these a week my entire pregnancy. it wasn't the tasty bagel that made this one of our best breakfasts out, but rather the time we spent together. we ordered a bagel that wasn't even ready yet and we waited 15 minutes for it. normally i would have freaked because our restaurant time is usually a good 20-30 minutes max with our toddler and i was by myself with her, i knew i didn't have that kind of time. since it was by far our first beautiful fall-like morning, we decided to eat outside. plus, i thought this would work out best for a toddler who liked to roam. we picked out a table and sat there... playing... talking... visiting... watching. seriously, it was so memorable. sweet cheeks and i, alone and together, out to eat, just enjoying one another and the great weather we were having that day. she had no problem sitting still while we waited for our bagel. i would periodically ask her if she wanted to walk around while we waited, to which she quickly replied,' no, i like sitting." then to top it off, she even ate an entire half of a bagel. this is huge for a small eater that we nightly beg to get in a good 5-6 bites for dinner and we are satisfied. i know that since you weren't there with us to witness this, it seems like small potatoes but to me it was perfect.

i have finally taken some pictures of sweet cheeks but didn't bring my camera in to download them, so pictures of her will yet again have to wait until my next post.

from the time sweet cheeks was 8 weeks old until she was about a year and a half, robeez were a staple in her daily attire. i loved loved loved these shoes for many reasons. one being how freakin adorable they are. another being how soft they were, to just mold to her foot. so many baby shoes i had seen were hard and not easily bent. also, they washed well. i even started giving robeez as baby gifts to many of my friends so they could also fall in love this with great, stylish baby shoe. (nikki- so sorry i didn't give the captain a pair sooner!)

now i want to know why these robeez were not out when sweet cheeks could actually wear them!!