for tiny tooshes

when sweet cheeks was a baby, i was definitely afraid of the restaurant highchairs. G-E-R-M-S galore. it took a long time before we ever let her use one of them. and thankfully that phase was short lived.

at first, we would just bring in her stroller and let her sit in it. sometimes i would bring her bumbo along for her to use.

then i got this handy seat from chico that attaches right to the table. it was great and so convenient, initially. the seat often got stuck and i would end up pretty mad after a 10 minute struggle in a restaurant trying to get her seat off of the table. convenient, yes. pain in the butt, yes.

the chico seat looked similar to this one here-

i came across this handysitt portable highchair on oompa and fell in love with it. what a unique and stylish look. i imagine it would be easy to tote, and easy to set up and take down. no embarrasing restaurant fights here! the description says it only weighs 5 lbs, so definitely light enough to carry with one hand while the kiddo is in the other.

i swear all the cool things came out once sweet cheeks hit 3 and we didn't need them anymore.


let me take you down

junk food tees are so much fun. i love seeing some of the looks that were popular when i was a kid... many, many years ago!

i was looking for a beatles tee at sweet n sour tees for my 4 year old beatles fan, who doesn't even know she is a beatles fan. she is more like a fan due to the fact that i gave birth to her! she knows a lot of their songs because we sing them together at night, but i can't say i have ever played the actual beatles for her. pathetic, i know. i'll add that to my list of great music that i really need to expose my child to.

anyway, here are a couple of the tees that i liked

did i mention that one of sweet cheeks costumes for halloween is supergirl! gotta love girl superheroes.

who doesn't love charlie brown!

wordless wednesday


we took the long way home

sweet cheeks and i have been doing some traveling the last 3 weekends. we have so much fun together. fortunately she does a good job of entertaining herself on car rides. and when that fails, we turn on a movie.

3 weekends ago, we were up in ellijay at the apple festival.

2 weekends ago, we spent the night with my sister.

this past weekend, we ventured up to my parents house for two days.

we started out on saturday morning. on our way up to the mountains, we hit the outlet mall for a few things from the gap. our first stop was a bit chilly but not bad. then along the way up, over half the mountain, we stopped to take in a beautiful view and admire the amazing colors of the leaves. again, it was chilly but the sun was shining on us so it wasn't bad. once we got out of the car in blairsville, i knew we were in for some very cold weather. and guess what? me being mother of the year and all didn't bring sweet cheeks a coat. it was so cold and i totally wasn't prepared. luckily on our way up she got a new fleece hoodie, so i just layered it with another fleece while we were outside. it was a cold, cloudy, and windy weekend in the mountains.

cold weather a side, we had a great trip. sweet cheeks absolutely loves visiting with her grandparents and uncle. we also had the chance to visit with some of my cousins, their kids, as well as some friends. we also stopped at the cutest country store for a pumpkin.

admiring the view and amazing colors-

we really enjoyed the gold, red, orange, and green leaves. the changing colors, along with the cold weather, made it really feel like fall.

on the porch swinging with grandpa. they braved the cold for a good bit. i braved it long enough to take a picture!

i made sweet cheeks hop out of the car quickly (while it was stopped- don't worry!) on a cold morning so i could take her picture in front of the honeysuckle lane sign, the road my folks live on.


supporting locally made

i have mentioned the store beehive co-op on here before. it is one of my favorite places to shop and is basically etsy in the store form. many local vendors sell their hand-made items here. you can find a lot unique, one of a kind kid items, jewelry, apparel, and stationery. an amazing store for gifts!

i was there yesterday and came across some really sweet tees and onesies. you can also find this vendor's items for sale on etsy.

man, do i love me some etsy!

they are plum tree studio and here is a sampling of their cutie creations.

this one is my favorite. i love the solid grey tee with the great pop of red in the bird silhouette.


the oddest search result

so i started taking a few vitamins, trying to keep healthy and all. one of the vitamins i started taking is having some odd side effects (odd dreams and tingling feet) so i thought i would cut it in half to see if it would lessen the strange effects.

so i did a google search for cutting vitamins in half, and seriously, these were other search possibilities given to me-

thank you google for that option. glad to know that not only can i safely cut my vitamins in half, but i can now safely cut someone in half as well. the internet is so useful.


day at the museum

on any given day, you will find most of the rooms in our house to be fairly tidy. in contrast, on any given day, you will find my bedroom and bathroom in complete disarray. as much as i would love for my bedroom to be a peaceful sanctuary for the husband and me, it runs low on my list of things to do. i really prefer all the rooms in the house that we use, mainly meaning that others can see, to be clean. the living room, kitchen, play room, and sweet cheek's room must be clean for me to sleep well at night. how crazy is that. and that is just a small sampling of what goes on in this neurotic head of mine.

some how last week, i was so off schedule the entire week. every room in the house was a mess. seriously. right down to the guest room. GASP. the house was a wreck from top to bottom. unlike me, but i let it happen.

the husband, as wonderful as he is, took sweet cheeks out for the day on sunday so i could spend 4 straight hours cleaning the house. what an amazing change it made, to the house and to my mentality!

a museum near by was having a free family fun day on sunday, hosted by target(sweet cheeks favorite store EVER). so the husband and sweet cheeks spent a good couple of hours together there. sweet cheeks kept referring to the museum as church for some reason. wonder what the connection was for her? they even made it to the bowling alley after the museum to bowl a game together.

(photos taken with the husband's phone. did i mention how good he is!)

here she is coloring a backpack at the museum

she was really proud of this backpack and it was the first thing she showed me when she got home-

outside the museum-


her choice, not mine

sweet cheeks is so independent.

i already miss the days when she would let me pick out her outfits for her.

i knew from the beginning though that i did not want getting dressed to be a daily issue for us, as there would always be bigger issues to deal with. in sum, i wanted to pick my battles. of course, that being said, we still have plenty of issues in the morning when sweet cheeks picks out her outfits. "it's too tight," "it's itchy," "it's too big."

if i had more of a say in what she wore, i would get sweet cheeks some tees from crewcuts. i won't waste my money because i know she would never wear them. she has a closet full of clothes with tags still on them but she always wears the same 3 shirts.

crewcuts has the cutest things.

this one is super fitting for my creative girl-


bye bye stickers, hello studs!

i have always been of the mind set that i didn't want to have sweet cheeks ears pierced until she was ready and asked for it herself. it would be her decision, not mine or the husbands. when sweet cheeks was 1 month shy of turning 4, she told the husband and me that she wanted her ears pierced. we were ok with that. so on the day of her birthday, we took her to claire's and she opted for a purse and hair brush over the earrings. since that day, she has said that maybe on her 5th birthday she would do it.

cailyn, sweet cheek's cousin, was going to have her ears re-pierced and asked sweet cheeks if she would do it with her. i was amazed that she agreed to this. so last night we went to claire's with the intention of both girls getting their ears pierced. sweet cheeks, of course, insisted that her cousin go first. turns out though that cailyn could not get her ears done due to having already been pierced and scar tissue. i knew for sure sweet cheeks was out by default.

well she surprised us all!

she sat so still in that chair, on my lap, and was ready to face it head on. she was brave as they cleaned her ears and prepped everything. she did say flinch and say "ouch" when they dotted her ears with marker where the earrings would go. but then the moment came that i had anticipated. she said she didn't want to. i didn't know what to do. she had made it this far and everything was ready to go. do i take her and just walk out knowing there is always another day for ear piercing, or do i tell her she can do it? my sister, 4 of sweet cheek's cousins, and i all cheered her on and she did it. thankfully there were two people working that night and did her ears at the exact same moment. and what a moment it was.

no tears. no screams. no nothing. just a shocked, white face at first, followed by a million smiles.

she was more than proud of herself. she asked all of us several times if we were proud of her. it was the absolute sweetest moment.

my sweet cheeks is such a brave girl.


the lazy in me and the boots on her

today i am a lazy blogger.

over the weekend, sweet cheeks picked out some cute boots for herself. i thought she looked like a mini teenager in this outfit with her boots, sweat pants, and awesomely green sweat shirt.

here she is making a sand cake in the driveway.


what's in a name

my retro baby has personalized retro lunch boxes that i thought were pretty sweet-

cute gumball machine

love the red car on the blue striped ground

great polka dots on a green ground. i like the white area for the name as well. it stands out nicely

love the wide/thin pattern of the blues and browns

super cute supergirl lunch tote-