baby essentials

i am slowly starting to build up the baby's necessities.

of course that always starts with shopping. i don't mind that one bit.

gap was having a huge sale the other day so i picked up a few cute pieces for the little one, as well as a few maternity pieces for myself.

velour cheetah footed one-piece

penguin footed one piece

days of the week bodysuits (which the website shows now for $39.99 but i snagged for $17 at the store)

monster booties

i also had my first visit to the store buy buy baby. loved it! i actually like it more than babies r us. the store is huge and they have a wide variety of great brand names. of course i had to buy a few things for baby girl there too!

method squeaky clean bath products

swaddle me wraps (which i really hope helps this one to sleep peacefully...colic stay away!)

organic cotton mittens

i didn't walk out with this but i really wanted to...

jj cole technique diaper bag in green
shopping for this baby girl is so much fun. now i just have to decide on some of the big ticket items... carrier, car seat, and crib.

a frosted house

sweet cheek's dad was kind enough to surprise her with a gingerbread house kit. she wasted no time putting it together. i'm not sure which she enjoyed more, decorating the house with frosting and candy or eating it. probably a bit of both.


she's 20 weeks already

i was and am so excited that she is still a she. since we were told we were having a girl at 12 weeks, i was still a bit apprehensive to believe it 100%. i've even had several dreams since that first scan that i was having a boy. turns out my doctor was right on and our 2nd daughter is in fact our 2nd daughter.

we had our 20 week anatomy scan yesterday. it was once again such a great experience. nothing more amazing and breath taking than seeing the little person i am growing inside of me move on the screen. she is healthy and perfect. we are so blessed. all of her heart chambers, fingers, toes, and limbs were accounted for. we do not take that for granted.

i found out i still have a moderate placenta previa and a blood clot because of it. the doctor did not seem overly concerned. i will just go back in 6 weeks for a follow up scan to see how it looks. i am keeping my fingers crossed it will correct itself before then.

here she is... sweet cheek's nameless baby sister