holy cow! more snow

we seriously never get snow here. year after year we may get a few cold temperatures, even a bit of ice, but never snow. now, in '08, here we are on our second round of snowy weather. this time it even happened on the weekend so we could get out and play in it a bit. sweet cheeks was a bit timid at first and would barely walk on the snow, much less play in it. finally after about 5 minutes outside all bundled up, she finally warmed up to it, growing to love it! so of course i have to share a few photos of her building her very first snowman ever with her daddy and doggies outside. it really was one of the best days ever, even in the 20 degree temperatures. and it is really hard for me not to boast just how beautiful my daughter really is, so see for yourself-

sweetcheeks, her daddy, and myself came inside to a nice cup of hot chocolate. she guzzled it right down!


i can't believe i haven't seen this movie yet. i see it is up for an oscar for best movie. from what i hear, it is great and i want to see for myself.

how cute is this doorknob sign for a sleeping/awake baby?

you can see them at eggigle.


it's candy?

sweet cheeks is already quite girlie. she is so interested in lip gloss and wants to buy some every time we are at target. thankfully she considers chapstick to be lipgloss. i love her imagination because a chapstick can easily convert into a baby bottle. necklaces are another thing she loves to buy. she has discovered candy necklaces (which target just has to sell in the checkout aisle!). the good news is that sweet cheeks doesn't know they are candy, to her it is just a bulk package of fun colored necklaces. here she is wearing all 6 of them, casually, while playing with her playdough.

we had snow last night. it was so fun to see. sweet cheeks enjoyed it for a little bit, until her hands started to freeze that is. but being the ham i am, i had to get a picture of her in the snow. then with her dad. then with me.

one of sweet cheeks favorite places to go is to a local airport to watch planes take off. they have a small park there as well and sweet cheeks love to swing. not sure who taught her this but she has discovered that she too can fly!


i am so over this writers strike and am 100% ready for new episodes of my favorite shows to air.


and once again, something great and wonderful for babies now that i have a toddler. dwell baby is an amazing line of baby decor that i have always loved and admired from the web only. now, for some lucky soon-to-be mommies, dwell baby has a new line coming out at target.
take a peek by clicking here.


an album of sorts

i will spare you too much reading and just go right to the good stuff. this post is dedicated to pictures from before christmas, during christmas, and after the new year. lots of good ones. all in all, we had an amazing christmas with sweet cheeks. she was so into the whole idea of it.

oh, and the best part of the holiday was that sweet cheeks gave up her beloved best friend of the past almost 3 years, her paci! she has gone a total of 4 nights so far without it and isn't looking back!

enjoy the pics.

-sweet cheeks with one of her cousins.

-sweet cheeks with another one of her cousins

-one of my best friends and my sister, who also happens to be my bestest friend

-me, my sis, and another best friend (who just so happens to be my first friend from the 6th grade when i moved to GA)

-sweet cheeks, her cousins, and my girlfriends two girls

-me and sweet cheeks

-sweet cheeks with her grandma (i absolutely love this shot)

-sweet cheeks posing as her silly self under the tree that she just decorated

-sweet cheeks making rudolph cookies

-and finally, sweet cheeks playing with her two favorite gifts from santa- her rose petal cottage and vacuum