you're the inspiration...

to even get to the part where baby girl's nursery is ready to paint, the husband and i have a lot of work to do. we started this past weekend. he with cleaning out the garage. me with cleaning out the guest room closet. the garage now looks fabulous. the nursery and the guest room look like a tornado went through. so much work to do before it gets painted in two weeks.

but i still thought i'd share the photos which will be my inspiration in putting together her nursery.

the first one is from the blog haute mama daily. the nursery was done by lindsay brier for her son, hawken. love the simple, clean look to this room. it isn't cluttered and the color palette is so calming. the stripes on the wall are my favorite. (though the dog on the floor is pretty cute!)

i saw the next nursery on my favorite website, ohdeedoh- osianna's modern baby nursery. the pops of the orange and pink really work with the gray walls. the mobile is sweet and simple. and i absolutely love the eames rocker.

overall the look i want to accomplish for daughter #2 is clean, simple, and functional with pops of color.


the bigger the belly, the bigger the shirt

my baby girl is growing, and weird, my belly is growing too. i already feel huge. hard to believe we still have 14 more weeks of growing to do.

i got a few new maternity shirts from old navy (thanks to my sister and that great christmas gift card!).

roll sleeve top

crochet trim top

3/4 sleeve striped pocket tee


the sweetest thing

it was a double daddy-daughter date night tonight. sweet cheeks, her daddy, catherine, and her daddy ventured out for dinner and a show. the girls were treated like princesses tonight as they had 8th row seats at the theatre to see "beauty and the beast." i am already anxious for them to get home to hear how wonderful the night was.

(sweet cheeks was at a party today... hence the face decorations that she couldn't part with)


money money money

sweet cheeks was pretty fortunate this christmas and received quite a bit of money from her great grandparents. i am speaking of a lot of money in terms of a 5 year old. she got $100 but you would have thought it was a million. she was ecstatic and kept saying it out loud over and over, "i have a hundred dollars!". it was pretty cute.

since santa thought best to bring sweet cheeks a vanity this year rather than another american girl (he so generously gave her rebecca last christmas), sweet cheeks decided to use her own money and buy herself another doll.

what a trip that was!

i think we were in that american girl store for over an hour while she decided which girl she wanted. i really enjoyed watching her weigh her options with each doll she browsed.

in the end, it was julie who won sweet cheek's heart.

here are the girls on their first carousel ride together.

seriously, you have got to love sweet cheek's sense of style, right down to the jeweled flower on her face!

so happy together.

don't worry... sweet cheeks makes sure she spends equal amounts of time between julie and rebecca, as not to hurt either doll's feelings. she is thoughtful like that.


the crib we're in

we took a trip to ikea.

it started out as a trip to buy the gulliver crib in white. after reading many reviews, i had decided that this crib was the way to go. not only was it cheap ($99) but it also received great ratings in consumer reports. plus, i read many other good things about it on my favorite website, ohdeedoh. it is easy to trust other parents, right. why would they lie.

once we got to ikea though, the husband liked the hensvik crib better. i could see his point as this crib converted easily into a cute toddler bed. i loved that he had an opinion regarding the crib, so i went with it and we took home the hensvik.

once we got home though and i began to read about the hensvik crib, i saw that it didn't rate near as well. nor did many of the comments i read on it sound as great. so i asked the husband if he would mind if we returned that crib back to ikea and went with the original plan of the gulliver. so that is just what we did. we returned the hensvik with the intentions of getting the white gulliver. of course, after the return, we went down the aisle to grab the gulliver, which was now a "last chance" buy at ikea for only $79, and they were out! i was already panicked. so i called ikea two days in a row waiting for their last 6 gullivers to come in. finally it did and sweet cheeks and i schlepped down on our own to ikea and bought that crib.

so yippy... baby girl now has a bed for sleeping in!
next on the list... a car seat and stroller!


23 weeks

how far along: 23 weeks, 2 days

weight gained: 6 lbs

maternity clothes: yup, all the time! i love my gap maternity jeans and cords.

stretch marks: no! i did start using my mustela 9 month maternity cream. hope it works at preventing this time around too.

belly button in: yes

baby movement: i feel her. the husband can feel her. sweet cheeks can feel her. all the time. she is a tumbler, especially at night. it is the most amazing feeling in the world and just impossible to describe.

cravings: sadly yes... mcdonalds sausage, egg, and cheese mcmuffin. also, blueberry mini wheats.

aversions: still none

next appt: mlk day- we get to have an ultrasound to check the moderate placenta previa i have. sweet cheeks will get to go. hope she is as amazed at seeing her sister as i am imaging her to be.

symptoms: trouble sleeping, sciatic nerve pain, and daily reflux issues. it is ridiculous how hard bending over has become.

me at 23 weeks. the belly has grown lots since 18 weeks!

happpy holidays....

hope everyone had a good holiday. i know we did!

and for a quick recap....

christmas eve

sweet cheeks in her new christmas eve pjs. it's a great tradition.

christmas morn'

sweet cheeks opening her big present from santa (gotta love her sporting the bed head!)

new year's eve

celebrating with her buddies

and we're off... 2011 is going to be a great year. can't wait to welcome sweet cheek's baby sister into the world!