as if it wasn't already enough

sweet cheeks, as i have said before, has issues getting dressed in the morning. i wish i was here to say that those issues have been resolved. i'm not. i am here to say they have in fact gotten worse because sweet cheeks wants us to dress a like every day. do you know how difficult that is to do?

tuesday morning we were making it work. we both had on gray skinny cords, light gray ls tee, and a pink ss tee on top. simple enough. well the time comes for us to put on our shoes. i put on my pumas without socks. she decides she is going to wear her vans, which she hasn't worn yet because they are too big, without socks. i told her if she was going to wear them, she needed to wear the socks because they would make the shoes not so big and prevent her from getting blisters.

her honest answer to me was, "then people will know us apart."

as if the socks would be the only visual distinction between me and my 4 year old daughter.


double dare you

sweet cheeks has asked several times if she could get a bunk bed. i am not sure what the right age is for kids to sleep in bunks, but i am not ready for her to have one now. maybe if she had a sibling i would also reconsider but as we know, she doesn't. the need is just not there.

plus, i really love her ikea hemnes daybed with trundle. it's the perfect size for her room, has storage, and easily sleeps two when her cousin spends the night.

but to entertain the thought for a minute, i went window shopping for daybeds at posh tots and found these beauties!

posh palette slat loft bed in sky blue

fence bunk bed

posh palette slat bunk

carrington twin over full - which is my fav due to the storage underneath


get on the bus gus

came across these hand-sewn, appliqued items on etsy today from tadpole creations. i like the silhouettes and the fabric prints.

this heart bus is adorable. i like transportation on girls clothes. a pleasant break from the usual flowers and cupcakes

cute rhino tee. love the pink and white floral fabric and the original animal choice

love this elephant set. you can pick 3 of the 4, so it can work as a baby gift for either gender

cute polka dot puppy. i like the fabric but not really the shape of the dog

this pocket purse is perfect for a toddler... say a 4 year old toddler who happens to have a passion for purses and a grandma that sews


her peaceful workout

i just had to share these two great photos.

here is sweet cheeks in action! this is her jogging inside right alone with me while i am on the treadmill.
*yes, she is sporting a wrist band

sweet cheeks(the elf) and her friend o'neal (santa) posed for a quick photo during their playtime dress up session last weekend. santa puckered up and kissed her right on the cheek! she never saw it coming and you can see just how red sweet cheeks turned instantly.
smoochy smoochy!


the white stripes

i found a sweet brand of children's clothing at milkshop called splendid. their clothes are absolutely some of the softest i have ever felt. i can say that i normally would never spend over $50 for kids clothes (gap kids is usually at the top of my budget if that tells you anything) but i seriously could feel an immediate difference in this brand at first touch. so soft. slides-between-the-fingers kind of soft. never mind the cute, comfy styles for babies and kids.
(also an adult line if you want to see it here... even farther from my budget but definitely worth a peek)

just adorable...



i found two things that i will be ordering from pokkadots to keep sweet cheeks entertained...

on the road ($16.95)

in a restaurant ($10.99)

i let her do that

i have mentioned here before the issues sweet cheeks has when it comes to getting dressed in the morning.

well picking my battles came back to bite me in the butt. morning time is such an issue now when it comes to picking out her clothes. everything is either too tight, too itchy, too short, or just not perfect. the husband and i try to be patient with her for the first two or three outfits, but after that we start to lose it. then she loses it. and now suddenly it is 8 in the morning and we have a crying toddler on our hands. it can be quite frustrating. i wish sometimes that she just didn't care about it so much.

i need to be proactive and continue making her pick out her clothes the night before. this usually does the trick.

so this morning, the same issue starts. sweet cheeks picks out her first outfit, gets dressed, and then says her leggings don't feel comfortable. she changes them. then her skirt is too tight. she changes it. then her sleeves are too itchy. she changes it... 3 times. finally, she brings me a kitten shirt and asks me if it matches her outfit, which it did. then when we are in the bathroom brushing her teeth, i see her shirt has something orange and crusty on the sleeve and something on the front.

i'm just going to put it out there...

i sent her to school today in a dirty shirt.


if christmas hadn't already past

... i would put these things on sweet cheek's christmas list!

all from crewcuts


copy cat

picture this if you will... me running on the treadmill. already a stretch to imagine isn't it seeing how i am usually quite the lazy, inactive type. but i am hoping to change that about myself. today being day one of my change. gotta start somewhere, right. good health is an attainable goal but it is the idea of me in a bathing suit in jamaica come february that is really inspiring me to start exercising again. ugh! how i loathe bathing suits. LOATHE! so i hope to at least get myself to the point of not feeling horribly embarrassed on the long walk from pool chair to the pool without my cover up on! that is what i call the pool walk of shame.

back to the mental picture though, me on a treadmill. pony tail and headband. ipod in holder around my arm. ear plugs. sneakers. tank top. now you get the picture.

now, picture this. sweet cheeks on the track, i mean floor. pony tail and headband. ipod shuffle around her arm. ear plugs. sneakers. tank top. adorable. the girl is the cutest thing in the world.

and she exercised right along with me for 10 minutes. (don't worry- i didn't stop when she did!)
she did walking/running laps on her own den course.

the cutest copy cat ever.