thoughtful thursday

we will all miss you so much uncle gary.


stop that train

i was visiting the pajama squid again yesterday and came across some really cute boys tees to share. i know that it seems like girls clothes are always so much cuter (well there was a time when i did think just that) but i do think there are so many trendy clothes out there for the little guys as well.

lets go with the theme of transportation, shall we?

train shirt by glug

blimp shirt by glug
street sweeper by two blue cars
garbage truck by two blue cars


makeup your mind and i'll makeup mine

so i know i usually share with you all of the amazingly cute kids things that i find on etsy but today i have other plans. i am sharing with you some great makeup that i got on etsy instead. and i love it!
i am a makeup fanatic. wish i wasn't because the stuff is more expensive (and addicting) than crack. i am normally a big stila and mac fan. i decided one day to check out make up on etsy and came across pure natural minerals. it has over 2000 positive reviews and 0 negative. that says a lot.

i decided to give a few things a try.

like the amazing brown eyes collection

and sweet heart blush... the perfect pink for your cheeks
and i will say it again, i think the products are great. not only are the colors beautiful, it stays on so nicely throughout the day.

i will be buying more.

thats my sell for the day.


pictures and words

sweet cheeks brought this home from school yesterday. i had to share it because not only does it show that she is doing great at writing and spelling, but she is also an amazing artist. i absolutely adore every picture this girl creates.

seriously... look at that turtle. his neck is awesome! love him.

has she ever even seen a hamster? i first thought this was a hamburger!

and the rabbit with eye lashes... so beautiful!

i really love her art. i love that she makes all of her animals with smiley faces.