31 weeks...

how far along: 31 weeks

weight gained: 18 lbs (this time around with sweet cheeks i had gained 19 lbs, funny how close the two pregnancies are)

maternity clothes: yup and those are even starting to feel small. my belly is quite round and my shirts feel like they are barely covering it.

stretch marks: yippy! NO!!!

belly button in: nope. i have 100% lost my belly button. can't find it anywhere.

baby movement: definitely. i feel her all the time. she is quite the gymnast. it often feels like either her elbow or her heel is coming out of my side. kind of strange feeling. the husband got to feel it the other night too. makes me wonder what position she is in.

cravings: yoohoo and chocolate eclair ice cream bars. yummy! explains the 18 lbs i guess.

aversions: still the same restaurant... just the smell of it.

next appt: monday, mar 7th

update from last appt: the doc i saw isn't my fav. she made me feel rushed. i had my gestational diabetes test and my antibody test, both of which came back fine. this doctor went ahead and scheduled my c-section for april 25th. i am hoping to avoid a c-section all together. i am going to ask my (favorite) doctor at this coming appt if they will at least push the c-section date off until may 2nd, as i'd prefer it after my due date to give me the chance to go into labor naturally. we'll see what he says.

symptoms: currently i have a cold. blah. sleeping is still sporadic due to leg/foot cramps. and reflux... oh my gosh... the reflux!!! it is so horrible. i avoid bending over at all costs because of it.

nursery: it looks so beautiful. i already shared a pic of the new paint, which is gray on 3 walls and gray/white stripes on one wall. the nursery now has a crib, dresser(need to go get these knobs for it though from anthro), and table in it. i need to get a mattress for the crib. holy cow are there a lot to choose from. i feel overwhelmed every time i start researching the topic.

gear: i got an ergo baby sport carrier in blue. not the color i probably would have chosen, but babysteals.com had it one day for a great price so i had to take it. i have heard lots of good things about these carriers, so i hope baby girl and i both like it.

and finally my belly shots

big and round... i'm talking about my belly here!


she's got the look

the weather here has been warm for a few days. simply lovely. it is a nice taste of what is to come this spring.

makes me ready to shop for clothes for sweet cheeks. this would make a cute springy outfit for her, don't ya think...

all from 77kids

classic lace-up sneaker
beachy stitch tote


the nursery... part one

once everything was finally moved out of the nursery, the painters came. i struggled with which color to paint the nursery since i was in favor of gray and the husband was in favor of pink. in the end, i won. well as far as the nursery goes. he won in that sweet cheek's room was painted pink (i'll share a pic of her new room soon).

i of course was much inspired by so many rooms on my favorite nursery blog, ohdeedoh. i know i shared some of those photos with you here. the gray we went with is benjamin moore stonington gray, mixed at lowe's with olympic no voc paint.

so here it is. the first photo of the nursery.

it's gotta start somewhere, right.


she said it

i was putting sweet cheeks to bed on wednesday night. the first 5 minutes of bedtime is our catch up on the day time. i love hearing about her day at school, what she did, what exciting things happened, etc. so during our talk time, sweet cheeks decided to share some words of wisdom with me that she herself had to learn the hard way.

she said, 'if you scratch inside your ear with your finger, then put your finger in your mouth, it tastes yuck.'

good to know. lesson learned on her part. i hope.


27 weeks down, 13 to go

how far along: 27.5 weeks

weight gained: 11 lbs (oddly enough, the exact same amount i had gained with sweet cheeks at 27 weeks)

maternity clothes: yes and no. i have discovered that my non-maternity tunics work great with a belt over my belly. gives me a little variety with my clothes at least.

stretch marks: so far, NO! yippy. maybe my mustela does the trick.

belly button in: it's so on the verge of being out. so close. sweet cheek's thinks it is a funny sight to see

baby movement: wow does she poke and move. mostly poke. i often feel what i think is a foot or a hand poking me. of course as soon as i touch it, she moves. she also feels like she does flips in there. i will feel her totally all the way across from one side of my belly to the other. i think she is quite long already. she moves a lot though... morning, noon, and night! wonder if this is any indication to how she'll be outside my belly.

cravings: sticky rice is a favorite lately. not much else.

aversions: a local restaurant i used to get lunch from quite a bit but not now. suddenly just the smell of the restaurant bothers me.

next appt: feb 18th

update from last appt: no more placenta previa or blood clot. i am so excited about this. so for now, i am released from the perinatal doctor and go only to my regular ob. and if all goes well, i hope to be back on track for a vbac. fingers crossed! but of course i have learned in life that the best laid plans never really happen.

symptoms: oh. my. gosh. the charlie horses are killing me at night. they are a torturous way to be woken from sleep. i also could not count on both hands the amount of trips taken to the bathroom in one day. i really think she dances on my bladder and tries to get me to pee my pants. already a funny girl, right.

nursery: the husband, sweet cheeks, and i have all been working as a team to get the room emptied. we are quite close. my goal is to have the painter out next week. we'll see if we make it.

gear: a girl i work with had a sample of a skip hop via messenger. so yippy us, it's now ours. love the color and size of it. plus, i think it works for both the husband and me. isn't it cute.

sweet cheeks and i also cashed in on the babies r us great trade in event. we took in an old car seat and used the 25% off coupon on a new graco snugride 35 infant car seat in racer. so little by little, we are getting all the baby essentials needed.

me and my ever growing belly

belly close up!