again with the feet

i am on the hunt again for shoes for hadley.

i just can't seem to find anything in a hard sole that stays on well, doesn't give her blisters, and isn't just another pair of stride rites. her robeez and smaller shoes by see kai run are just too soft-soled now that she is playing on a playground covered in mulch. her slip-on vans & converse fall off her feet while she is walking.

so on my hunt i came across these shoes from keep. i think they are pretty adorable and i am a total fan of velcro w/ toddlers who are always on the go. the price isn' so bad either at $35.  i know they look a little on the boyish side but i still think a girl as stylish as hads can pull them off.

what do you think?

kid's - benten

kid's - ramos


gone shrimpin'

the girls were both out of school last week, the week prior to their new school year starting, so we headed down to st. simons for a few days. 

we had a great time.

on the day we arrived, we went out on a 2-hour shrimp boat ride. you get to see them pull the shrimp in, see other fish that get caught in the net and tossed back in the water, then eat shrimp.  well everyone else ate shrimp, not me. 

so here is the second net dump. i wish i had my camera out for the first because a shark was caught! the guy who brings the net up goes through all the fish caught to make sure there isn't anything dangerous (ie- a SHARK) for everyone to touch. once he does that, the kids are free to pick up whatever they want.

 a cool (scared) blow fish

 the girls checking out all the fish, shrimp, and crabs

 caroline holding some shrimp. i was surprised she did this

 a yummy dinner out at bubba garcia's

the best i could get of all four girls together

one day the big girls all went to a water park. hadley and i stayed home.
she loved playing with and catching bubbles.

 and you know she loves to play with her blue dog

 here she is signing "airplane" to blue, as one flew overhead

 a little afternoon rest & snack time