ho ho holiday

i can't believe i haven't shared any christmas pics yet! and here it is february.

christmas this year was different for us. this is the first time in all of caroline's 8 and hadley's 2 christmases that we weren't home on christmas morning. we were up at grandma and grandpa's house. we decided to give it a try since so much of my family was going to be there. it was a lot of extra work for santa, i think, to deliver so many presents to one place, but it was worth it. the girls had such a fun time opening all of their gifts with everyone.  and thankfully we didn't wake the entire house before 5am like i had feared!

the girls both got their big christmas wishes. for caroline that was an ipod touch and for hadley that was a slide (remember it was on the list caroline wrote for hadley!). i can assure you that santa would be proud at how much use both are getting. the girls use them daily!

present time:

hadley's favorite part of this trip could of very well been her cousin, conley, and not all of the presents!

unfortunately, it wouldn't be a holiday for us without a sick kid and this year that was hadley. we ended up leaving my parents early to take her home to the doctor due to a virus she had, which of course inflamed her asthma.

christmas with everybody was a lot of fun indeed. i just wish i had taken the opportunity to get a lot more family pictures in when we were all together.

it's february. hello, jamaica!

well, it is february.

in our house that means birthdays and jamaica.

we took our yearly trip with the husband's family to jamaica and despite many hiccups, we managed to have a great time.

i'll let the pictures do most of the talking but i will just say that this trip involved pools, water slides, sunblock, fevers, tylenol, food, pina coladas, beer, dancing, baths, rain, wind, and more food.

day 1: valentine's day

thanks, grandma, for the matching shirts!

day 2: swimming and fevers

you'd never know by looking at her in pictures below, but lb had a 
fever for several days. we even had her seen by a doctor while
there. she stayed hopped up on tylenol & motrin.

hadley carried sunblock around most of the trip

our nightly ritual of cocktail hour (cocktail 15-minutes) before dinner

many pina coladas were had by these two

day 3: fish feeding and rain

we'd bring bread to feed the fish but hadley
always managed to just feed herself.

 day 4: more rain & wind

thanks, aunt molly, for the matching dresses.

3 of our 5 days in jamaica looked a lot like this:


a day of sweets and sweeties

we are pretty lucky that we will be spending valentine's day in jamaica this year. i love that i will be with all three of my sweethearts on that day.

here are some fun, sweet valentine's inspirations found on etsy!

funny moustache valentine's for the class from wonderfully made

red appliqued long-sleeved tee from charlie and sarah

love you appliqued tee also from charlie and sarah

i recently got the girls a few new hair clips/bows from diddlebugs
they have lots of sweet ones for the holiday.

my fav: personalized valentine's from brown paper goods
love the pink and white chevron stripes

these fish school valentine's from the pitter patter press are cute too