the big behind

seems i am falling behind these days in so many areas. obviously my blog being one of them. the frustrating part is i have so much about the girls that i want to share (ie- christmas, the beach, matching pjs, ear tubes, and more) but just can't find the time to do so. despite having tubes now, hadley is still sleeping horribly. so that of course means i am sleeping horribly. and until that is resolved, i have a bedtime of like 8pm. gotta sleep when i can.

these two sure play well together. caroline is so patient with hadley. i smile just thinking about them.

hads loves looking through the mailbox

and seriously.... does it get any sweeter than this note?

it is things like this that get me through a rough day


month seven

i am writing about hadley's seventh month. hadley is actually 8 months as of only a few days ago. so close enough.
you may wonder about the quality of the pictures below, as well as the ones in her six month write up. the reason for the low quality is the pics were taken with my phone. the reason the pics were taken with my phone is because i dropped and broke our camera. love when i do such smart things! i was having caroline take a picture of hadley as she "hung" an ornament on the christmas tree. caroline handed me the camera back but my butterfingers dropped it. no saving it unfortunately. so until a new one is had, the phone pics will have to do.
so hadley at seven months:
  • has four more teeth coming in- her top two front and both teeth next to her eye teeth
  • is crawling. on all fours. she totally skipped the army crawl
  • is pulling herself up. we actually had to lower her crib last week. i don't think caroline even pulled herself up until 10 months or so. bad thing about this is that she isn't good at getting herself back down. she falls quite a bit unfortunately
  • still really only eats cheerios, puffs, sweet potatoes, and green beans. i have been trying to improve on her menu. desperately trying to get her to eat other foods but she has no interest. forget anything pureed or anything that feels wet/slimy
  • went to stone mountain for the first time
  • loves when her sister tickles her belly
  • loves "the itsy bitsy spider"
  • has had a long month of sicknesses
  • her first ear infection, which was actually a double ear infection
  • her first round of pink eye
  • her first cough
  • her first 4 rounds of antibiotics
  • still on prevacid
  • still one feeding a night
  • bottles are closer to 7 oz
  • loves her leapfrog table still
  • loves any playtime that involves caroline
  • makes the 'mmmmm' sound now, so it sorta sounds like she says 'mama,' though i know it really isn't her calling me. one day it will be intentional. can't wait for that
  • has definite separation anxiety

oh, please notice in the background of the above picture that adorable reindeer shirt that hadley's grandma made for her for christmas time. so cute. it is one of my favorites that she has made. please don't notice hadley's dirty clothes on the floor. thanks.