look who's a big girl now!

we went to ikea with the intentions of buying a futon for one of the spare bedrooms. what we left with was a twin bed for sweet cheeks! she tried out several different floor models and seems to get in & out of this particular one with ease, so we got it! she is doing such a great job of sleeping in it at night like a big girl. i am so proud of her. we ended up converting our spare bedroom into one more playroom for sweet cheeks(not that she needed another place to make a mess). we also moved her old toddler bed in there.

here is the proud girl in her big girl bed-

oh how i wish sweet cheeks would keep a headband in. i love it on her but the second i put one on her, she yanks it right out.

and another great picture of her in the cute crewcuts dress. i can't help it, the girl is just so cute-


choochoo soul

i was looking back at old videos of sweet cheeks today and came across this cutie.
it is so hard to even remember a time when she wasn't talking but here she is, drooling and signing! she used to love the choochoo soul opening song on the disney channel. we would have to watch it many times over. here she is semi-dancing to it. i love seeing her sign "again" immediately once the opening is finished. she was so adorable. i just can't believe how she has grown.


i seriously saw this license plate today on a ford mustang:



meet my baby doll, jesus

ok, please tell me if i am the only one who finds this a little odd.

i was in the middle of doing a baby doll/accessories search on Target.com


circles in the sand

after a bout of something along the lines of tonsilitis last week, sweet cheeks is finally and mostly better. it did sadly have a negative impact on one of the most glorious kid holidays.... halloween. we were originally scheduled to trick or treat with sweet cheeks cousin but due to the illness, we had to pass. so we (meaning mom & dad to sweet cheeks) took her to a local neighborhood to hit just a few houses so she wouldn't miss out completely. it turned out to be ok. she ate lots of candy and that is in fact what the holiday is all about!

we spent this past weekend at calloway gardens. it was a beautiful weekend, lots of sun and cool temp. we took sweet cheeks to the birds of prey show, the butterfly house, and to the little beach playground. she really had a nice time. despite her going to bed way too late two nights in a row, she even behaved for us! enjoy just a few of the great pictures that i was able to take of her over our weekend.

the first is sweet cheeks with her cousin. they were having a great time feeding the ducks, fish, and turtles!

my cutie on the playground. what a beautiful face, seriously!

she really enjoyed playing in the sand. i loved watching her.

does it get any sweeter than a girl and her favorite doll. phoebe, her first cabbage patch, literally goes everywhere with us these days. also note her cute mayapappaya owl hairclip!


now, this is the time when i like to share a new favorite find of mine on the net. what a cute guitar tee. ok, i think it is cute but i haven't actually purchased it as we already have quite the collection of guitar things for sweet cheeks but i still love the line art and simplicity on this toddler tee.