on her turf

so hadley's teachers are so kind to post pics every friday of the kids from throughout the week.
i absolutely love seeing what hadley does when i am not around.

here are just a few of the pics i snagged to share-

work life photo

there was a time for me when i would have down times at work. it seems those times have since past and i am constantly going going going. that is not necessarily a bad thing, as it does make the days go by faster, getting me home to the girls more quickly. it also means i can't blog from work anymore. that explains no wordless wed since last thursday (when i actually thought it was wed). so today i am just sharing the fact that i am busy at work and at home, and eventually i hope to get back into my blogging groove very soon.

caroline and hadley watch disney jr together, mostly 'octonauts' and 'mickey mouse clubhouse.' that is how good a big sister caroline is, that she will watch baby cartoons (as she calls them) with hadley.
disney jr is doing a yo-ho let's go summer thing and are having kids send in their picture w/ a disney character they color, and are showing some of them on tv. caroline was all about this since the minute she heard it. the girl wants her 5 minutes of fame every 5 minutes. so here are the girls with doc mcstuffins!


putting a foot down

i can't remember if i have mentioned livie & luca shoes here before. i don't think i have but they are definitely worth mentioning.

livie & luca

there. now check them out because they have some really adorable kids shoes.

when hadley hits her next shoe size, outgrowing her smaller shoes from see kai run, we'll definitely get a pair of these. then i can give you my own personal review of them. i do it all for the love of my blog. yes, that's why i buy hadley so many cute shoes. it's for the blog.

these red ones are my favorite of the girls

love these for boys.   i think this is a rare brand that the 
boys shoes are  cuter than the girls


vacation all i ever wanted

well we survived a vacation sans the husband. didn't think we would but we overcame! ahhhh... i love the smell of victory.

we took our yearly vacation to st. simons with the hooper family. only (big) difference this year was that the husband couldn't make it as he was traveling for work. i was 100% leery of going on a trip without him but the hooper's proved to be plenty of help.

i think the most difficult part of the entire vacation was eating out. hadley is a definite handful when it comes to restaurants, not a big fan of sitting in highchairs. i don't assume many 13 month olds are though. normally the husband and i take turns with her while the other eats. so that was about the hardest part. not a bad complaint to have, right.

the big kids (meaning conley, cailyn, caroline, and uncle brent) did a whole lot of bike riding. a whole lot. and brent thought he was going on vacation! we also did the beach one day, the pool another, and due to the rain, aunt melissa and  uncle brent took the older kids to the movies our last day. hadley and i missed out on some of the good parts for sure but i do believe she had a great first summer vacation at the beach. all of the kids, hads included, are complete fish in the water.

we all really enjoyed ourselves. already looking forward to next summer's vacation.
take a peek into our vacation through the pics i took with my handy iphone. i can't believe i did not take one single picture with my real camera.

caroline and hadley playing in the sand

 the girls before dinner one night

a family shot

how pretty are these 3!
 thank you, aunt melissa, for the matching dresses for c & c

snack time at the pool

words just can't describe how smitten hads was with conley the entire vacay

caroline and hadley on our last night


something to wear

when sweet cheeks was four, i had a vendor on etsy, snuggle bug baby boutique, make her an outfit to wear on her birthday. it was a number 4 top that went with coordinating yoga-style pants.  she looked so cute on her birthday in it. she made the outfit all hers, of course, by accessorizing it with the crown and necklace. some things will never change for this one.

i came across a really sweet collection called zebi on kitsel (an awesome kids website you must check out), which reminded me of caroline's birthday outfit. 

i love the coordinating fabric in this graphic tee and yoga pant.  how sweet is that simple bird with the really long legs. i adore these colors together.


this is just one example of the cute boys sets by zebi. i love the off placement of the giraffe on the shirt. at least i think it is a giraffe. do you agree?

and how awesome is this bib with the tie on it!

as far as gifts go, i thought these burp cloths were very sweet.  again, i love all of their fabric choices. the colors are amazing. you can also get the burp clothes in this great paint can. what a clever packaging idea, right.

wordless wednesday