joe who?

I've found some new clothes to try. It's Joe fresh. Ever heard of them? It's new to me. I read it's from the same guy who started club Monaco. To me Joe fresh is the look of gap and madewell but with an old navy price tag. I'm gonna have to give it a try. I'm only nervous about the jeans since I don't know how their sizes run.

A few pieces for Hadley

Isn't the plaid cute

And a few for Caroline

Some more plaid

And for me....the longest list. Some cute pieces, right?

Oh look plaid for me too



we took the girls to our annual pumpkin patch trip, which is just at a methodist church up the street from us. their earnings go to their teen youth group, so i like to think of us as supporters of a local cause! we have been taking caroline to this mini pumpkin patch since she was 2 and now hadley gets to enjoy it too. though i am not sure you'd actually say she enjoyed it when she hasn't a clue what a pumpkin is.

caroline loves holding hadley. this picture makes me laugh as i am pretty sure hads is trying to squirm away but caroline just keeps smiling and gripping!

wordless wednesday



alike in many ways

sweet cheeks woke up saturday morning with an idea in mind. sometimes her ideas are so far fetched and not even remotely possible, like building a fort the size of her bedroom. however, this idea was definitely doable. it was for her and hadley to dress alike that day. you know the camera was already in my hands when she said that!

she really took her time planning out an outfit for herself that could match with something in hadley's closet. i was pretty impressed with what she came up with. never mind how adorable it totally was to see them dressed alike.

what she ended up picking was a long sleeved tee under a tank top, tutu, leggings, and sparkly chucks. fortunately both girls had all of the requirements.

i love that sweet cheeks and sweet eyes are so good to each other. sisters are an amazing thing. seriously. i speak with lots of experience.


month four

i apparently will never be on time with my postings for each month, given the fact that hadley turned 5 months on sept 29th. what can you do!

so here i am doing her 4 month post... today.

and at month four, hadley:

  • weighs 15.9 oz
  • eats twice a night. can't wait to get her down to 1 feeding. this happens every so often. and i stress.... every.... so.... often
  • eats about 5.5 oz of formula in a bottle every 3 hours. she totals 7 bottles a day. she doesn't always finish her bottles though
  • still takes prevacid solutabs 15mg a day
  • started solids. she has tried oatmeal, peaches, and pears. in one sitting i am lucky to get about 3-4 bites in her. i can say she doesn't seem interested in eating but sure loves to watch us eat
  • rolls over from front to back and from back to front
  • was sleeping in her crib full-time but is having a little set back currently due to those horrible vaccinations. so she is back in the rock n play for a bit since they aggravated her reflux
  • wears size 3-6 mos
  • still eats her feet
  • still is a drool machine
  • is quite the giggler
  • loves to stand and bounce
  • intentionally kicks her crib aquarium on and off with her feet
  • when doing tummy time, actually moves around like a wiggle worm. the girl loves to be on the go already
  • is highly awesome as a little sister
  • is read to by her equally awesome big sister at bed time. more often than not she reads her "the very hungry caterpillar."
  • definitely seems like she knows her name
  • smiles when you sing to her