put me in the zoo

family trip to the zoo!

i think hadley enjoyed her first trip ever to the atlanta zoo. though she will experience many more since we are members and absolutely love to go.

we spent a good 4 hours there last sunday. caroline and hadley both had a terrific time and we were all completely exhausted when we left.

no descriptions needed. just enjoy our trip to the zoo as seen through pictures of, well, us! good times, right.


3 sprouts

this adorable pink elephant bin is in hadley's nursery. obviously, right... as you see it here in the picture. stick with me though. i am sharing this picture again for a reason.
this bin is a great catch-all for her toys now. though it started out as a blanket holder. gotta love multi-functional pieces!

3 sprouts also has so many other cute things for kid and nursery decor, all with such unique animal appliques on them. i want to get hadley a few more things for her room. i am a fan of organization. just wish i had all the time in the world to do it. but this is reality... and i don't. back to the adorable items from 3 sprouts. take a look below and i think you'll agree.

alligator wall organizer

piggy caddy
mouse caddy
raccoon bin
peacock box
cow soft seat (i so want this one for hadley)
see, don't you agree that it's pretty darn cute and functional!

wordless wednesday


all in a name

hadley meet...... hadley?

i can't believe barbie totally stole hadley's name! sweet cheeks and i saw this while shopping at target yesterday. i thought it was pretty funny. apparently, hadley is a new barbie from the movie "barbie princess charm school."

(poor quality pic was taken with my phone)


trendy girls for fall

zara now has online shopping for kids!

it is times like now that i am sad for sweet cheeks to wear a uniform to school when she could be rockin' some of the clothes below- and we know she would rock them.


how adorable is this. love the brown with the orange
for the fancier side of sweet cheeks

love this polka dot skirt w/ belt
shoes...because sweet cheeks love shoes! don't know where she gets that from.

a scarf... oh yes, she could pull this off no problem

leopard print ear muffs for those cold recesses.. she could get away with this one at school

and the purse. omg the purse. i would use a purse like this
and even though they do have zara baby, the only thing i really saw that i would put on sweet eyes is this striped dress. everything else is adorable but just doesn't look comfortable or functional for a 4 month old
definitely worth checking out zara- boys for some really cute tees.


a year ago

one year and two weeks ago sweet cheeks had strep. that girl is so susceptible to strep still to this day.

one year and one week ago we were up having a great weekend with our friends at their mountain house. then suddenly i started to feel tired and weak. next thing i knew i was feeling sick to my stomach. all in a matter of two days. i was pretty sure that i had caught strep from sweet cheeks.

4 days later i was getting pretty upset that i couldn't kick whatever was making me feel so horrible. i was still tired, nauseous, and now crabby. poor hubby and sweet cheeks.

it took me a whole week of being sick to even consider the notion of pregnancy. so on my way to work, a wed morning, i stopped at cvs to pick up a test. got to work, peed on the stick (like i had a gazillion times before- i was so sadly quite experienced at this), and had a heart attack in the bathroom stall when i saw a second line appeared. the tears just started coming uncontrollably. i could not believe that despite 3 failed iui's (and thousands of dollars later), we were pregnant. the tears came because i was scared to death. the fear of a miscarriage, the fear of not being on progesterone, the fear of everything baby flooded me. i called the hubby to tell him. i was shaking. he was calm, cool, and said he already knew it. he's that good.

that was september 7th, 2010, the day before my 34th birthday. turns out it wasn't strep. i was 7 weeks pregnant. and boy did i, the husband, and caroline have to endure many more weeks of sickness. it was a rough ride. the whole time though i knew i was having a girl. i just knew it sweet cheeks would get a sister. some birthday present.

what a difference a year can make...

wordless wednesday