she says cheese

sweet cheeks had school pictures last week. i was not going to have her miss them. last year sweet cheeks went from a dental appt to school on the morning of pictures. i did not have her participate in them and that made her pretty upset. never a good feeling to know you caused your own child to feel left out. ouch. so this year, she was going to have her picture taken by herself and with her classmates.

and though i haven't seen the school pictures yet, i had a sneak preview of just how adorable sweet cheeks looked in her pink sweater dress, pigtails and pearls. and yes, i said pearls!

sweet cheeks got a new, navy hoodie. when she wears the hoodie, the hood stays up.
hoodie on + hood up = AMAZINGLY SWEET PICTURE


with a spot in the middle

i am loving this chalkboard table with stools from giggle. i love how the table top and stools are round. and how crafty is the spot in the middle to hold the chalk!


into the jungle

i have shared before this wallpaper giraffe from the website romp. i love that it is just the giraffe silhouette cut out of this amazing wallpaper. there is a great selection of colors and prints to choose from. the only negative being that it is in fact wallpaper, which is put up with glue and stays put on your wall forever. when wallpaper comes down, so does the paint and sometimes dry wall.

but look what i found on etsy. these fabric giraffe wall decals that are actually repositionable from stickytiki. the silhouette is so similar and the prints available are just as great. and no wall damage.

love the 3 different size trunk-holding elephants


from jumps to songs

we have had 10 years of rain now and are living on a houseboat. sweet cheeks, bodi, and blue have all mastered the doggie paddle. i have learned to fish and the husband cooks it. ok, maybe not so much but holy heck does it feel like it. seriously, two weeks of rain nonstop is killing me. i mentally feel it. so do the dogs, who sadly have been walked only 2 times in the last 10 days. sweet cheeks is also going a little stir crazy both at home and at school.

to get out of the house a bit, the husband and i took sweet cheeks and her cousin to a play house. they were able to run, jump, and act a little silly outside of the house. i think they both enjoyed blowing off a little steam.

sweet cheeks is not afraid to jump-

and again

after the play place, we came back to the house and the girls were able to continue being silly. they had a good time playing with my make up pencils for a while. next was the concert. sweet cheeks on vocals and ellis on guitar-

ellis enjoyed playing sweet cheek's guitar

sweet cheeks was really into this performance


a sweet heart

i had to take a picture of sweet cheeks this morning. she was absolutely adorable.

her cute heart dress is old navy and fuchsia shoes are lands end. her little purple carters doll is ella. (i know, you haven't seen phoebe in a while. we haven't either!)

seriously... this girl has the power to make me smile.


short stories

hey suit and crooked tie guy in the elevator with me-
just because the two of us happen to be the only two people on the elevator at the same time does not mean you can strike up a conversation with me. i do not know you. nor do i care to. our time together is so limited, just a few short floors. so please do not talk to me. your conversation only adds to the awkwardness that your obvious staring already created. so you go on and have the nice day.


little marc

i was thinking about how i would blow $300 quickly if i had it.

solution: little marc jacobs

enid sweatshirt dress in mulberry from milkshop for $94

navy mary jane from kitson kids for $198

also thought this delia dress in fairy pink from little marc was sweet- $118

little marc jacobs has some really pricey, but really adorable clothes and shoes. i didn't even know marc jacobs had a kids line. how out of the loop am i. also, ella moss has little ella moss. another fancy kids line.

i just found out there's no such thing as the real world

seriously... my 15 year high school reunion! when did i grow up? or did i?

a quote i read once from someone i don't know but it holds so true, "we are always the same age inside." that is exactly how i feel now and felt going into the reunion.

the ride up was absolutely beautiful. i had forgotten just how scenic and serene those north georgia mountains could be. i cruised the entire way with my radio up (coldplay and gomez) and windows open. so much fun.

yippy for union county!

this is a beautiful view from my parent's road. how nice to see that every day-

me and my bestest, nikki, went together. that was the absolute best part of the reunion, just spending time with her

some friends from back in the day

nikki, our great friend from high school- sammy, and me

seriously, the whole trip was great. i had the opportunity to visit with many people who were once so much of a part of my every day. i also had the time to just sit and visit with my parents. that was precious and rare.


i heard so many celebrity comments yesterday regarding the whole kanye incident with taylor swift. the husband and i both agreed that the absolutely best one came from katy perry on twitter, "f u kanye, it’s like you stepped on a kitten.” hysterical and true. (obviously f u isn't a part of my everyday vocabulary, but i found it appropriate in this context!)


10 toes, no fingers

i took sweet cheeks on monday for her first ever pedicure. she, unlike myself, didn't do the feet soak and scrub (holy geez did i need it- they were sandpaper scary). sweet cheeks did have her nails cut, filed, and painted. she really loved the entire process, right down to sitting in the big massage chair!

she was so comfortable with the whole process-

it was funny to see her feet jerk every so often. they are quite ticklish

my oc girl spent her spare time, while they finished me up, organizing the nail polish by brand, then by color. it did occupy her for the last 15 minutes.

the finished product. love the flower on each big toe. what cute feet she has


shoes to fall in

sweet cheeks and i did a bit of fall shopping over the holiday weekend. one thing i knew i needed to get for her for fall was some new shoes. apparently when a kid grows, their feet do to! go figure. so we went to sears to check out their lands end kid shoes.

this is what we got for sweet cheeks-

if i had any patience, i would have held out for these though online. still might have to order them. unfortunately the selection of shoes at sears is not near as good as lands end online selection for style and sizing.

these are pretty cute as well.

i can totally see sweet cheeks in a mustard colored loafer! (i also love the inside of this shoe)