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caroline and her dad went camping this weekend. she invited him by letter. so totally sweet, right. No way he could possibly say no. i am hoping he's taking lots of pictures for me to share later in the week.

on our time together, hadley and i went to the park. she had a super fun time going down one big kid slide and swinging.

some proof of her fun


ice pop fun

we had a fun time friday night having dinner at the girl's grandparents house. it's always fun seeing caroline and hadley play with their cousins, ellis and mafra.

and playtime with the cousins becomes super fun when someone breaks out the ice pops!


a little outside fun time

i am skipping wordless wednesday this week. i had too many pictures i wanted to share.

one of my favorite things to see, as a mom, is my children laughing and playing together. and now that hadley is a bit older and stable on her own feet, she and caroline can actually have some real fun together. don't be fooled by the sweet photos that follow. the girls are still sisters, which by definition means antagonize each other as much as possible whenever the moment presents itself. i just appreciate the getting along times that much more because of it.

we took advantage of a pretty day last week for the girls to play outside with bubbles and silly string.

look closely...do you see the bubbles here? 

funny face to go with that funny hair

if i could just teach her to blow at the bubble wand
rather than eat it

she really can strike a pose at any given minute.
i think it is a natural talent of hers, though she
doesn't like to brag.... or does she?

bubbles and silly string

it is really hard to get two smiles at one time. 
mission accomplished here

caroline sitting pretty and hadley ready to take
flight with those wings in her hair


a song to live by

'sweet caroline' by neal diamond. you know you know it. now take a minute to sing it to yourself.

a song that will forever be played for and sang to our sweet caroline.

we have been guilty of it. we are still guilty of it.

when she was 3 & 4 yrs old, we would do pizza night every tuesday night. this pizza place had live music and the singer would serenade our princess weekly with 'sweet caroline.' she ate it up! this was also the time period when caroline wouldn't go anywhere without a tiara on her head.

here she is at that very pizza place wearing her tiara of course.

it is a really great song for a really beautiful girl. we already know it will be played at her wedding. that kind of goes without say.

so even before i was pregnant with hadley, i would research names that also happen to have a song with it. it would only be fair for both girls to get a song.  there were a lot of great options like allison, veronica, jane, alice, cecilia, lorelie, sadie and ruby. the top contender for me was always maggie. i loved the name maggie, still do. then once we found out we were having a second girl, maggie gray moved to the top of the list.  well the top of my list anyway, not phil's. he was never a fan of the name margaret.

once hadley was born, we were down to the wire. we had three names we had to decide from, only one of which was a song. she would be either hadley, maggie, or audrey. we were set on gray as her middle name. on day three, we took a family vote and obviously, you know which name won. awesome choice for a name, right, even if there was no song attached to it.

or so i thought. dum dum dum....

turns out haddie gray has three songs of her very own that we sing to her all the time. pretty popular songs actually.

haddie cake
haddie cake
baker's man
bake me a cake as fast as you can
pat it, roll it, mark it with a 'b'
put it in the oven for baby and me

you are my sunshine
my only sunshine
you make me happy, haddie gray
you'll never know dear
how much we love you
please don't take our sunshine away

if you're haddie and you know it
clap your hands
if you're haddie and you know it
clap your hands
if you're haddie and you know it
then your face will surely show it
if you're haddie and you know it
clap your hands

so both our girls do have their own song. how lucky are they!


and i just can't get enough

it's no secret... i love shoes for myself and for my girls. luckily i buy more for the girls than myself, as theirs are always a quarter of the price of a pair of my shoes.

at the beginning of the season, when everything is in stock, you can find some really cute shoes at target (and in your size!). i think i am addicted to that store. that is probably the same situation for a lot of people. that target is one powerful place.

shoes for caroline...

love the animal prints for her still

cute motorcyle-ish style boot. wish i could get her to wear jeans.

she so needs a nirvana tee, flannel shirt, and baggy jeans to go with these fairley boots. they look like dr martens, right-
sweet and preppy sneaker
i love the moccasin for her. unfortunately, she isn't a fan. maybe if she saw the rhinestones on it she would change her mind! she is a sucker for anything with glam.
a sweet, colorful polka dot ballet flat

and a few for me please...

i see a trend here with my taste: grays and neons

now if fall would just get here so i can justify a bit of shopping!

wordless wednesday