she's nothin but country

the husband and i are officially raising a georgia peach.

sweet cheeks asked me for her "tennis shoes" today. TENNIS SHOES. i quickly asked her if she was referring to her sneakers.

it is definitely fun for the husband and i to see which words sweet cheeks picks up on to use in her personal dictionary, as i still use certain northern words having grown up in new jersey. the husband is straight up georgia!

after all, he pronounces syrup as sirup. we all know it is pronounced seerup.


just felt like sharing a picture of my peach from when she was 11 months old. how flippin adorable was she in that little ballet dress that was two sizes too big for her!


this was going to be about the ice cream trip

one day after school last week, sweet cheeks asked if i would take her for ice cream. this isn't a part of our normal after school routine but i felt like giving in to her simple request for a treat. after all, she was wearing a good listening sticker! so off to bruster's we went for some oh-so-tasty ice cream. we shared a cone of mint chocolate chip. sharing is my way of dieting! i love all of their flavors but chocolate is my favorite.

so sweet cheeks and i sat in the back of my wagon, top open, eating our ice cream. we tried sitting outside on a bench at first but it started raining, so we quickly improvised with the car.

she was loving the ice cream!

unfortunately this post can't be all about the goodness of ice cream. life isn't always about the lemonade folks! i have to share some reality now.

it is not easy being a parent. the husband and i try our absolute best to be amazing parents, keeping our child from harm. i know certain incidents are just out of our control, like simple trips, falls, bruises, bites, and bumps. if we could keep sweet cheeks from ever experiencing pain, problems, or any of the such, you know we would.

she wears a bike helmet every single time she rides her bike or scooter to keep that beautiful head of hers from getting hurt.

she rides in her 5-point harness car seat in my car.

i (sadly) remind her to chew her food all the way to avoid choking.

we ask her to walk, rather than run, while we are out for a walk with the dogs because we know she will fall down if she did run. and seriously, we don't want this girl to ever need stitches for a cracked head!

we really do what we can.

but today was one of those days when despite everything good, you feel like a bit of a failure.

sweet cheeks has two cavities. yes, i did say two. one on each side of her upper teeth, both on the very last molar.

yup! that sucks. not only because i hate that she has to have them filled but with a filling comes a shot of novocaine. a shot! granted she is treated to the lovely goofy gas before hand, but who wants their kid to get a shot? not me.

it just sucks because you feel like a complete loser of a parent who can't provide good oral hygiene for your child. i only have one kid. one mouth to brush. one mouth to floss and i apparently didn't do a great job! OUCH! that hurts. she feels the brunt of it though.

we seriously brush her teeth. we even (though not daily) use flossers on her teeth. princess flossers people!

so i humbly (hanging head in shame all the while feeling pretty pathetic) asked the hygienist to take me to the back and show me how to correctly brush my kid's teeth. it isn't that easy to do... to brush someone else's teeth other than your own. in fact, it feels down right awkward but still, no excuses right.

the ice cream story was better.


i walk these streets, a loaded six-string on my back

i have mentioned before the coffee house concerts that take place quite often in our guest room. also called a studio. sweet cheeks will sing while the husband plays his guitar. it is such a fun thing to watch. not only is the music entertaining, it is the best thing to see the two of them doing something together (jamming) that they both enjoy so much. i can only play the role of audience since my voice and my instrumental skills are the absolute worst. anyway, so we upped the concerts today. we got sweet cheeks her own six-string. she absolutely loves it. normally she will coffee house with the husband for 20 minutes or so but this afternoon she did not want to stop playing. tonight, after a great dinner at our friend's house, sweet cheeks ran upstairs once we were home to play some more music on her rockin, blue flame guitar.


laugh now and remember later

i so wish i had found this cute journal when sweet cheeks was just beginning to talk.i know there have been many comments made by her that cracked me up at the time but i have since forgotten. i am happy to have this journal now and plan to fill it with many of her hysterical quotes (which are many.... daily!)throughout the next years.

i found it at this cute shop near us called seed factory but i saw that borders and amazon online both have it as well.

now go get yourself one, as i have learned memory does not improve with age!


granny does your dog bite? no, child, no.

sweet cheeks has music class once a week at school. she absolutely loves this class. i really think she takes after her dad in so many ways. one being her love for music, instruments, and singing.

sweet cheeks and i were laying on her bed last night after what turned into a 40 minute bedtime tantrum. she had finally calmed down enough for us to talk about our day's events, which we do nightly.

she told me that her music teacher brought in "something like a violin that you play on your shoulder but it is called a fiddle." i love hearing her fascination with new things and new words. it really makes everything so new to me as well, hearing it with her fresh tone.

suddenly, i couldn't help but think of the song "the devil went down to georgia" as the only example of a fiddle-playing song. there has got to be others (probably all by the charlie daniels band) but i can't think of them.

after a quick second of singing the song to myself, i realized it probably isn't a good one to be sharing with sweet cheeks. not just yet anyway.


she was hit in the face with a mint... that's what i said

we had a great holiday weekend.

the fourth of july rocked for us. we started saturday off with a parade. sweet cheeks was so excited for it as she remembered the stash of candy she received last year. so she was smart this time and brought an extra, empty purse with her for collecting candy. she got lots. she was even pegged in the head with a mint! poor girl. it actually made her cry and left a bruise!

after the parade, we went for some fun kid activities. unfortunately, we got there way too late and the only thing for the kids to do was face painting.

sweet cheeks jumped right into the chair and said, "i will have a butterfly with pink, red, and white." the girl knows what she wants.

here she is all smiles- face paint & snow cone (cup) in hand.

we walked to see the fireworks. again, it was wonderful.

here is the husband pulling sweet cheeks in her wagon (which we only use once a year, and the fourth of july is it)

me, sweet cheeks, and her hot fudge sundae. nothing says happy birthday america more than a mcdonalds sundae.

here is the moment. this was absolutely my most favorite part of the fireworks. i do not think of myself as the weepy, emotional type but this did me in. i wanted to make this moment last forever. seeing sweet cheeks sitting on her daddy's lap watching the fireworks, he all smiles while pulling her hair out of her face, and the both of them intently staring ahead. i could not take my eyes off of them. it was a moment i seriously wanted to freeze in time to allow me to take in every possible thing that my 5 senses would allow. i was so happy in that very instant. that was all it took.