a little first mate

i love the idea of a nautical nursery.

oh how the blue and white stripes make me smile.

i don't think this theme has to be kept to beach houses either. nor do i think it is gender specific. i say stripes for everyone, everywhere.

here are some of my nautical nursery loves via etsy:

from meet me by the sea

and from lil' kingdom


a few dresses

i was looking at toddler dresses today on etsy.

i came across a cute chevron print dress, which got even cuter when i saw the name of the shop, haddy grace.

how sweet are these dresses!

it's always the great colors that sell me.


favorite reads of the moment

i am so happy that i am raising two girls who love books. 

caroline has been pretty impressive w. her reading. it was a bit slow at first for her from kindergarten to about midway 1st grade. then it was like something clicked in her and she took off. she is now a pretty speedy reader, always meets her ar goals, and reads on a 4th grade level. pretty proud of her for working so hard to improve.

so here are the girls current favorite books-

hadley loves loves loves the two 'duck & goose' books she has.
never mind that one of them is a christmas book!
the words are simple and the graphics adorable. a must read!

caroline is sweeping through this series.
and how lame of me that i just caught on to there
being 26 books in the series, one for each letter! 
yup, i'm a quick one!