away with you, tooth. be gone.

she lost another.

with the wiggly, wobbly tooth

with tooth in hand, after she let mommy pull it out

yup, it is in fact a tooth

admiring her new smile

that amazing tooth fairy left her a big $5 for this one!


a little ditty (video)

into the grey

there were two times that i stopped saving caroline's old clothes and gear. the first being when she was about 1 and we were certain she would be our only princess. we were completely happy as our little family of three. so, we bagged up everything she had outgrown and passed it on to both family and friends. also known as mistake number one.

when caroline was 3, we started trying for a 2nd. we hit the point where we realized, unfortunately, we weren't able to have anymore children due to my pcos. we thought, again, that we were done and gave away lots of great things. now known as mistake number two.

low and behold, then comes hads. she does things her way and on her time. we see that daily.

i am thankful, though, that a few of the things that we gave to my SIL were able to come back to us. pretty impressive considering that is two more girls it had to make it through before finding it's way back to us. now it makes me smile every time i get to see hadley wear something that her big sister, caroline, once wore. something so nostalgic and amazing about it. do you agree? i think you will when you see these pics of the girls in the same cute, grey sweatshirt and the same brown shoes.

caroline @19 mos - grey sweatshirt

hadley @ 17 mos - grey sweatshirt

caroline @ 17 mos- ecco shoes
(miss you, bodi!)

hadley @ 16 mos- ecco shoes


what it means to be a working mom, as seen through a photo

if i could sum up in a picture what its like being a working mom, this is that picture.

you only ever see your child's breakfast on your new madewell shirt once you've arrived to the office. 


that's when i become happy that i left a cardigan on my chair last week. 


minty minty fresh

it's been a while since i've shopped or shared etsy finds. i need to get back into the habit because etsy still has so many amazing things to share. the place is endless. endless i tell you.

i'm in a mint mood. just a relaxing color, don't you think. so i did a little window shopping on etsy at mint bracelets and here are a few of the ones i'd wear.