many sleepless nights

we took hadley to the e.r. for the third time in her little life last wednesday.

poor girl has been having such a tough time throughout the month of december. she has double ear infections that just won't quit. the ear infections have also given her a constant runny nose and cough. you know sleep is slim in our house. she started out on amoxicillin as a treatment, which failed her. she moved on to omnicef, which failed her. then to augmentin, which was another big fat fail. so poor hadley is in the process now of receiving the antibiotic rocephin which is given to her via shots three days in a row. it hurts to see my little baby enduring so much pain. ughhh.... it is the worst feeling having to hold her down for the shot knowing it is so painful. i am told it is a thick, slow moving liquid so it burns for a few minutes. i am just really praying that this will be her cure. i so want her to feel well again. it has been a long time since she has felt that way. i put it on her christmas list but santa did not deliver. hopefully soon enough.

i went a head and booked her an appt with a ped ent at the end of january. i hope tubes are immediate! it worked for caroline and i hope they will give hadley the same relief.

look at her... so tiny in that e.r. bed with her little hospital band around her wrist

i want to add what a super help caroline has been throughout all of hadley's appts and treatments. she is such an amazing big sister and is always there right by hadley's side trying to make her smile and laugh. i am really the luckiest mom ever. don't know how we did it, but we did do something right with that big girl. hope to do the same with the little one. hadley is lucky to have caroline as a sister and as an example.


wordless wednesday

month six

when left with nothing else... improvise.

that is what i am doing.

i did not get hadley's six month onesie shot. GASP! right. but totally not surprising from me these days. my brain has gone on a vacation. it's been on vacation. maybe a permanent vacation. i am not sure. so guess what i did? i still schlepped that six month sticker on her onesie this weekend and am going with that.

so hads at six months:

  • had four teeth come through in a matter of two weeks. the bottom middle two and her top two eye teeth
  • began scooting backwards but that didn't last long
  • started eating veggie puffs
  • started eating cheerios, which she loves. a pretty impressive pincer grasp already if you ask me, especially considering that the cheerios are broken in half
  • eats sweet potatoes, avocado, and green beans cut up into tiny pieces
  • still doesn't eat baby food... blah!
  • is taking one bottle at night
  • drinks 6.5-7 oz per bottle
  • still on prevacid. her gi is basically slowly weaning her by not increasing her dose based off her weight. so far she is doing great
  • likes to be tickled
  • took an actual bath sitting up with her big sister
  • had her first thanksgiving. ate some roll and sweet potatoes
  • smiles a lot
  • loves playing with her leapfrog musical table

hadley pretending to be 6 mos


you say it's your birthday

my baby brother turns 25 today!

happy birthday!

we are so proud of you, jer.

can't wait to see you next week.


thursday with words

a letter to me from sweet cheeks. guess i should find more fun places to take her!


chomp chomp

hadley loves to eat my necklaces.
all of them.
doesn't matter what kind they are. none of my necklaces are safe for a babies mouth i am sure. no telling what country they come from or what is on them. so i started waiting until i got to work to put my jewelry on.

then i find this place on etsy- the vintage honey shop -they sell some really sweet necklaces meant for little teethers to chomp on. what a concept... a necklace for hadley to eat and not choke on. so i had to try them. and the price isn't bad, $12.50 each.

guess what? they work! especially if i am wearing hadley in a sling. she loves them. maybe the little, round balls act as massagers to her sore gums.

how cute and stylish are they. i love the variety of fabrics and colors too.

these are the ones hadley eats


gobble gobble

we had a great thanksgiving, full good food and good company.

it was hadley's first and of course she had absolutely no idea it was even a holiday. it was just an average day for her.

we ate at my sister in law's house but hadley and i did not stay long as she was a teething, crabby mess. hadley that is, not molly- my sister in law. molly already has all of her teeth i think. Poor hads has 6 teeth coming in at once. painful i am sure. tylenol seems to really bring her some relief though. the husband and sweet cheek's ventured out on thanksgiving night to see 'the muppets.' i still want to see that one. mahna mahna.

here are just a few pics of the girls on turkey day.

note their cute tees that their sweet grandma made for them.... like she does every holiday. seriously. she is the best.

wordless wednesday


harajuku mini

love it- gwen stefani has launched harajuku mini at target.

i am pretty sure caroline will be shopping this line for some trendy pieces. you know the girl has got a style of her own.

take a peek below

and maybe we can throw in a piece or two for hadley-

i really love those striped leg warmers!


bag it up

i once posted here during my pregnancy about my want for the jj cole technique diaper bag in green. and at the time it was $80 from buy buy baby.

today baby steals had the jj cole technique in red for $39.99. though normally red wouldn't have been my first choice, i couldn't resist the bag at such a great price.

now i just wait for her to arrive.


month five

so hadley turned 6 months on october 29th. i took these pictures last weekend. just being honest people.

i can't believe this month i have a six month old and a six year old. it is just nuts.

anyway, since hadley is so freshly six months, i am still making this her month 5 update.

at month 5, hadley-

  • is an official sitter. what a big deal that is! i love seeing her sitting on her nursery floor and playing with her toys. such a big girl already
  • has so much hair. it really seems to be coming in fast. won't be long till i am getting some sweet hair clips in there
  • is still only drinking about 5 ounces per bottle
  • is still waking twice a night to eat. so need to get rid of one of those feeds. haven't i said that before. the husband and i need some decent sleep
  • weighs 16 pounds. had to take her for a sick appt last week and they weighed her then. can't believe she has more than doubled her birth weight already
  • is eating several new foods. though i wouldn't really call it eating. more like taste testing. so far i think she has had peaches, pears, carrots, sweet potatoes, and prunes. she just isn't a big baby food eater. she'll get there
  • loves to use her little mesh feeder. so far we have put ice cubes, frozen carrots, and grapes in it.
  • drinks water from a straw sippy cup
  • eats her socks when she doesn't have her robeez on
  • loves peek-a-boo
  • smiles the biggest for caroline, who we refer to at our house as "sissy"
  • sits in her bathtub now rather than laying back. i think we are going to move her to just the regular bathtub this month
  • loves to play with her sophie the giraffe, which i often call a chew toy. how ridiculous is that. isn't that what you call a dogs toy. i really need a better name
  • is such an easy, happy baby. even when the girl is tired, she rarely cries
  • really notices the dogs now
and here she is

with her favorite rattle

she has got some serious blue eyes

okay, so i said she rarely cries right. i just pushed my luck here by trying to add a headband...

fallen leaves

yesterday was a beautiful day outside, even with the chill from the wind. i bundled hadley up and took her out front to play in the leaves.

i of course had to snap up a few pictures of her sitting (yes, has officially been a sitter since 1 week before turning 6 mos) and being entertained by all the pretty leaves. it was sweet to watch. it even took her a good 3 minutes before trying to eat any of them!

she loved the crunch in her hands

once i finished taking hadley's picture, i was immediately brought back to similar photos i had taken of caroline when she was about 7 months old.

so i had to share the comparison shots for fun...

sweet cheeks - nov, 2006

look at caroline's cheeks just hanging over! loves those.

even with the difference in cheek size, i do think my girls look a like. both have that one sweet dimple in their right cheek. they are both just so darn huggable!


skip skip skip to my lou

skip hop- not just diaper bags

skip hop is absolutely one of my favorite children's brands for toys and gear. not only are their things super cute with amazing colors but they also have such functional pieces. you must see their website. now.

and in case you didn't go to the website that i suggested.... here are a few of my favs

cute catch-all bib

butterfly plate

love this no skid sectional plate for babies and toddlers. i see less mess with this thing

so awesome ...a soap or shampoo dispenser. now this is what i'm talkin' about...cute and super functional for moms giving baths or kids showering on their own. a must have

simply cute. love the red and aqua together with the polka dots

the books ends in action

i'm ordering this for hads. love the actual size of it.

hads already has this and loves it. mainly loves shoving the tail of it into her mouth as far as she can. the girl knows how to have fun

and i just thought these were sweet