someone is already wearing her new school shoes... before school has even started! we were never allowed to do that. and for good reason when it came to me and clothes. i was notorious for getting stains on mine and my sister's clothes. she loved me for that i'm sure. who wants to send their kids to school on the very first day in a shirt with a bit of sauce or ketchup on it. not this mom. that is exactly what would happen if sweet cheeks wore her new clothes before hand. she is an advocate for using her shirt as a napkin. somehow it is different for her to go to school the second week with stained clothes, right. at least the teachers know you started out with good intentions and clean clothes.

i am ok with her wearing her new shoes though, breaking them in i guess. they are a bit big on her but i think that is a good thing since it leaves room for her feet to grow.

both pairs of shoes from garnet hill are absolutely adorable on her. glad she loves them too.


tee time

even though sweet cheeks will be wearing a uniform to school, that will not stop us from buying her some weekend wear when we go school shopping this friday.

loving these cute tees from 77 kids.


tighten up

i am not one of those people (and i am sure you know someone like it) who is always way ahead of the game with music and listened to that band before anyone else did. i pretty much just like what i like when i hear it on the radio or when my sister introduces it to me. she has always been the cooler one when it comes to music. i love band of horses because of her. i am so loving this song by the black keys. of course, heard them on the radio.

the song is tighten up and the video is actually pretty funny-

i've been watching a lot of their other videos on youtube and really like them.


don't you monkey with the monkey

on sunday, the husband and i took sweet cheeks and her cousin to the zoo for the morning. we all love the zoo and go at least once a month. we were hoping to see the new baby giraffe but we were about 3 weeks too early. i should have read the zoo update that the mom and baby aren't out in the watching area yet.

one of our favorite animals to see is the meerkat. he was kind enough to pose for me.

look at these 3 gorillas-

the girls love to get stamps at the panda exhibit and many of them. they totally didn't even go see the pandas, instead they went straight to the exit for the stamps. where's the love?

two of the cutest roos in the zoo

he was having a leisurely morning. we may have even woke him from a nap.


blue suede shoes minus the blue

i can't believe that in a week or so i am going to be taking sweet cheeks for her 1st ever elementary school back-to-school shopping trip! i am so excited about the shopping, even if it is uniform attire. wish i felt the same about elementary school.

so far all that sweet cheeks and i have picked out are these shoes from garnet hill. we still need to get her a pair of sneakers for gym but we'll get to that later.

morgan & milo suede woodstock mary jane - color picked by sweet cheeks is purple

willits fringe demi boot - color picked is sand

both pairs are a bit hippy looking but in a much more stylish, cute, not so earthy and crunchy kind of way! glad sweet cheeks and i agree on shoes and clothes most of the time. makes it so much easier to shop.



let me start by saying that the absolute best way to start out a work day is with some dr. pepper and peanut m&m's. doesn't get any better than that. well, it could get healthier than that but kind of defeats the point. and doesn't bring me anywhere near the same amount of satisfaction.

two of my favorite things that sweet cheeks says are-
  1. when either the husband or i ask her a math question, she quickly raises both of her hands near her face, wiggles all of her fingers, and says "can i use my coculators?"
  2. a trip to goodwill is really a trip to "goodwheel"


snap, crackle, and pops

we had a really great 4th weekend. my niece and parents came down to celebrate with sweet cheeks, the husband, and me.

saturday night, we drove over to the next town to watch fireworks. it was an impromptu trip and it worked out great. we just parked in a high school parking lot, opened the back of the volvo, and watched from it. it was our own little tail gate party(minus the beer and good food). sweet cheeks loved it. this was night one of her going to be at 10:30pm. so glad we had her take a nap that day.

sunday, we did our usual walk to watch our town fireworks. it was another fun 4th tradition for us. i love being able to walk to them. we brought our chairs, lots of snacks(apparently snacks are involved in just about everything we do), and watched a good 30 minutes worth of a show. this was night two of sweet cheeks 10:30pm bedtime. not something she should make a habit since she is still a very early riser the next day.

monday morning was the parade. and what a great time it was. again, we were able to walk to it. the husband was kind enough to walk up early to set up our chairs in a nice shady spot. worked out great for all of us- thanks husband! sweet cheeks absolute favorite part of the parade every year is the candy. it is like halloween how much candy is thrown to the kids. the parade, which lasted about two hours, was so much fun. except when an annoying lady and 3 girls decided to seek refuge in our shade by standing right in front of us. literally right in front of us. i am fine with them wanting to be in the shade but i was not fine with them standing in our way. nothing will ruin a parade quicker than annoying, ignorant people! i asked them FOUR, yes FOUR times, to move out of our way. they would move like two steps over. not enough to make a difference. i finally gave up. wasn't worth the battle.

we had a great holiday weekend. i love love love being off work for long weekends.

here is just a sampling of the fun that was had-

sweet cheeks and her friend with sparklers before the fireworks started

on our way to the parade- sweet cheeks, rebecca, and catherine. this wagon is only used once a year.. and that is on the 4th.
waiting for the parade to start
everyone with us... sweet cheeks, catherine, hannah, sara, (poor claire was cut off), my niece britney, my mom, the husband, and davis

this braves hat was thrown out to sweet cheeks during the parade. she is a cutie in a hat
my sweetie
and to top it all off... cotton candy (and it was free)