there are days when hadley instigates and caroline feeds in to it. there are days when hadley wants everything caroline has and believe it or not, caroline doesn't want to share. there are times when these two sisters just seem to bump heads over everything. neither can get their way with the other and neither wants to give in. sharing just doesn't sound like much fun. the other is just annoying. one wants to play and the other wants to watch tv. some days it just doesn't work out and they do not get along. such normal behavior for sisters.

the bright side is that there are other days. days when they absolutely adore each other. days when hadley wants caroline's anything and caroline willingly gives it to her. times when hadley idolizes her big sister and does exactly as caroline directs her to. moments when they are playing school and one gladly accepts the teacher position and the other the student. days when one builds up, the other knocks down, and no one gets upset. those are the days that make me smile the biggest. those are the moments when i realize why it was such an amazing thing for caroline to get a little sister. when i see how lucky hadley is to have such a thoughtful big sister to learn from. the days when they get along as sisters are the happiest days ever. 

i love how hadley has caroline to look up to and how caroline has hadley to smile upon.

even if they just play side by side, it is still a sweet moment because they are together. these two are amazing independently but are extraordinary together.

during the good and the bad, these two will always have each other.


new year, new posts, old news

on wednesday, november 12th, 2014, caroline broke her ankle after landing wrong coming down from a box jump. at gymnastics, of course. 2014 was full of injuries. i would be so happy if 2015 was full of good health for my kids.

it was the end of class. i would guess no more than 5 minutes till quitting time. hadley and i were watching caroline from the waiting area. i turned to talk to hadley, then looked back at caroline, whose back was now towards me and she was on the ground facing her teacher. i thought they were having a conversation but i was way off. when caroline looked back at me, i could see her face was bright red and covered in tears. i ran to her with my heartbeat racing. she was grasping her ankle in pain and rocking back n forth. we tried to get her to ice it as the waterfall of tears streamed down both cheeks. she would not stand on it and i knew it was broken. believe me when i say her ankle looked all sorts of funky. i carried her to the car (all 60 lbs) and we went right to urgent care. i wish i didn't feel so familiar with broken bones. i wish it was something she had never experienced.

she was a trooper though. two days after her fall we went to see a pediatric ortho who confirmed it was broken. caroline was most upset not at the fact that she would have a cast for three weeks but it meant having a cast over thanksgiving break down in st. simons. what a bummer. she cried tears of a broken heart for the things she would have to miss out on... walks, runs, and bike rides. tradition for us at st. simons.

how cool was her cast though. stripes? yes, please! and the man putting the cast on was the kindest, full of life man. he went on to tell us how his 8 mod old daughter was currently in cancer treatment for wilms cancer. i was amazed at his positive attitude during such a difficult time. put the cast in to perspective for sure.

we still enjoyed our vacation. she even attempted to ride a bike on the driveway. it was short lived.

three weeks later she was cast free. another mark on caroline's timeline of injuries.

as the new year starts, i am still going to catch up on things that happened in the last few months. i don't want to forget some moments, as this blog acts as a memory book for me, the husband, and the kids.

hello, 2015. i hope you are full of fun and good health for both caroline and hadley.