the moustache

i was driving to work the other day when a man pulled up next time. this man was in a convertible car and was wearing the style sunglasses the guys in CHIPS would wear. what struck me more than anything was this man's large MOUSTACHE and one-lipped smile. he looked like he felt great about himself, like he knew life was on his side and woman were checking him out. i literally sat in my car laughing at him, not only because he had a large moustache but because the pride you could tell this man had in his moustache. of course, it got me thinking about famous men and the moustache's that assisted them with their fame:

1. tom selleck- aka- magnum p.i.

2. john stossel- of 20/20 - things seem so much more believable when you have a moustache!
3. kurt russell & 4. val kilmer- wyatt earp & doc holliday in "tombstone"
5. burt reynolds- smokey & the bandit


it's only tuesday

this is a great way to start a post, isn't it! i really love this picture of sweet cheeks that i took only a few hours ago. this little girl is on the floor "taking a rest, " as she put it to me. prior to this shot, we were outside using sweet cheeks' new giraffe umbrella in the rain. she then suddenly acted a bit scared and wanted to come inside, despite my begging and pleading to wait one more minute so i could take her picture since she is so cute out in the rain with the umbrella. the one minute, which i new would be more than one minute, was because i was waiting for my camera to delete all the pictures on it (147!). THIS TOOK FOREVER! finally once the camera was ready to shoot, she was past ready to come inside. she quickly fell to the floor proclaiming she was tired and needed to rest. i had to remind myself she was only 2! sweet cheeks cracks me up!
shout out-
here is my shout out to new fellow mommy blogger... you know who you are. welcome to the world of the blog. i am still new here so glad we can do it together. i really look forward to viewing it and seeing how your 3 beautiful kids are growing. i am sure the stories will be great because the kids are funny and you are a great writer. i absolutely loved their pictures. with your blessing, i would love to post a link to your blog. let me know!
singing bee-
sadly, yes, it is 9:26pm on tuesday night and i am waiting to watch joey fatone and the singing bee show. this is what my nights have become. how did i loose myself? what have i become? i think part of me is just interested in the show to see all the lyrics i didn't know to a lot of songs. or is it that i still can't forgot n'sync and one of it's key players? hmmm.. you decide.


thursday thirteen

this is going to be a short post, right to the point. my topic for my thursday thirteen is movies that i think you should watch. these are ones that i didn't expect to like but in the end, i did.

13. old school- vince vaughn totall makes this movie. i love how he always tells his boy "ear muffs." freakin hilarious, the entire thing!
12. tombstone- thought it was just another cowboy movie but val kilmer was awesome in this one.
11. shrek- who wants to see a kids movie, right? but if you gotta, this is a funny one to see. donkey is so freakin funny! it is always the side kick that gets me.
10. serendipity- john cusak- you can never go wrong with his romantic comedies! (i still pretend like "must see dogs" never happened)
9. mystic river- a bit on the dark side but sean penn did an amazing job in this one.
8. mission impossible 2- i am take some heat for saying this one but it really was a good movie. mostly because it was tom pre-kate(a.k.a.-katie) holmes. molly will back me up on this one.
7.the prestige- i had no idea what to expect when i went to see this one but it was not just a movie about magic, it entailed so much more. this is one movie that i love christian bale in.
6. hitch- this movie is hilarious. will smith is great as always but it was really the king of queens, doug heffernan, that made the movie for me.
5. ocean's eleven- the cast is enough to make you have to see this movie.
4. about a boy- a strange, dry comedy with a sweet story line. great hugh grant movie. it made me want to read the book as well, though i haven't done that yet.
3.american history x- if you can look past the language and violence, this movie is amazing. one of my favorites from ed norton.
2.fight club- another movie with both language and ed norton, but once again, great movie.
1.shawshank redemption- turned out to be one of my all time favorite movies ever. tim robbins and morgan freeman made an amazing duo in this one. the dialogue in this movie was terrific.



i thought i would take this opportunity to talk about several things fresh on my mind at the moment.

training a husband- is this something you believe in? i was recently watching a movie in which they talked about "training" a husband to be a way in which is favorable to the wife. it definitely wasn't the first time that i had heard of this. my question to you is do you think you have done this? do you think this is possible? my initial thought would be no. no because i live with a man who after 7 years of marriage still does not put dirty clothes in the laundry, rather on the floor. i have said to him more than once that i will not do his laundry if the clothes are not put in the laundry. sadly, my tolerance for clothes on the floor is so short that i just can't follow through on my threat to him. he is not trained in the ways of smelly-stinky-clothes-that-drive-wife-to-mental-breakdown. nor is he trained to throw away his sweet n low papers that he on a daily basis prefers to leave on the microwave oven. i have begged and pleaded with this man to appease his kitchen-crazy-clean wife and just throw these tiny papers away but once again, it doesn't happen. he is not trained in the way of throw-tiny-pink-papers-that-annoy-wonderful-wife away! my final thought is no, he's not trained. maybe in the next 7 years.

reality tv- have you had enough of it yet? when will it go away? in a world in which we are all sadly entertained by the crazy realities of others, just what will make us realize we have had enough. i think it started with the reality tv show the real world. it 100% sucked you in from the get go. at first, just watching how people reacted not only to the mundane day to day but also to real life emotions of sad, mad, confused, and betrayed. eric nies only helped the show to be a success. it then progressed to the things that could make us puke- thank you fear factor! eating chocolate covered ants was high on someone's list of things to do but not mine. next enter the world of the bachelor/bachelorette. many (sadly, myself included) watched to see if total strangers, when in the 25:1 ratio, could fall in love. I knew Trista and Ryan would make it! We move into the shows like "making the band" and "american idol" when an ordinary person, who didn't get their big break on the mickey mouse club, has the chance to becoming a music superstar. finally, we enter the world of talent and dance competitions- ahhhh... 'dancing with the stars" "america's next big thing "(probably a hit thanks to the Hoff!) and "so you think you can dance." were does it end or in the words of early 90's hairband Queensryche, "or have we just begun?" where does it go from here?

and finally...why, why, why is the high waisted pant in style? i agree that i, like most other moms, are over the real low waisted jean but can't we find a happy medium somewhere between my crotch and my boobs!!


bathtub soup- the kind you wouldn't eat

this story is just too great not to share. i shouldn't be amazed at the things that come out of sweet cheeks mouth anymore but yet, somehow i find myself everyday laughing at the things she says. the story takes place last night while sweet cheeks was in the bathtub playing:

me: what are you making?

her: soup?

me: yum, what is in your soup?

her: mashed potatoes

me: sounds delicous. what else is in your soup?

her: peas and bagina

me: wasn't sure if i should laugh or be concerened....

it was the most unexpected ingredient i thought she would call out when telling me what was in her bathtub soup. i took me a minute but then i was flippin rolling on the floor laughing. i am still second guessing my choice in teaching her all the correct names for parts of her body.


she always makes me smile

it has been well over a week since my last post. i have finally found what was once my lost camera. sadly, it was just in the bottom of my diaper bag. i should have looked there more thoroughly but just did a quick glance, obviously missing it. the good news is i have it back and have so many pictures and short stories (well you hope they are short) to share! let me begin with the bling:

sweet cheeks loves to play with my necklaces & bracelets. the other day we were at walmart, which doesn't happen often as sweet cheeks will proudly proclaim at the top of her lungs that she is a dedicated target shopper, but while at wally world we saw a $5 jewelry box with toy jewelry inside. she loves to wear the necklaces, bracelets, and rings all at the same time and then says, "i am pretty." i love to see her dressing up already.

here is one of my newest favorite pictures of sweet cheeks and yup, she is wearing one of her new necklaces. there is just something about the sweetness in her face that i love. to me, this is really who sweet cheeks is: sweet, beautiful, trendy, brilliant, happy, loving, and a toddler girl already loving to play dress up!

if i didn't know any better, i would have thought blue was a viscious dog. nope, she isn't but the teeth would make one think otherwise. rather blue is the sweetest dog ever with sweet cheeks, who makes it her mission to chase blue by the tail!

we took a trip with sweet cheeks cousins today. i could not even put into words just how much she loves her two cousins. she copy cats everything, good or bad, that they do. it makes me so happy to see her have so much fun with them. even more so, i love seeing how sweet her older cousins are with her. they have fun but never stop considering that sweet cheeks is still a few years younger than they are. i am so thankful that sweet cheeks is going to be able to grow up with them. i already see what a positive influence they have in her life.

this photo sums up exactly what i said. if they jumped off a bridge you know sweet cheeks would follow:

ok well i was hoping to post more but it is 10:30 pm and i have got to go to bed. i am so ready to fall asleep right now. hopefully i will post again tomorrow. thanks for reading :)