dirty tables

caroline takes her lunch to school every day. this makes me a very happy mommy.

last year was a lazy year for her and i couldn't get her to bring her lunch at all because she didn't want her lunchbox taking up space in her backpack. pretty pitiful reason to opt to eat gross school cafeteria food if you ask me.  plus, i felt like i had no control over what, or if, she was eating. and was she getting her fruits and veggies in? at her school it isn't mandatory for the children to take both. that is another topic in itself that i will save for another day!

so when she let me start packing a lunch for her again this year, i couldn't wait. i won't lie when i say coming up with a pretty decent lunch that she will eat 5 days a week can be challenging. i think it is a fun, worthwhile challenge though.

everyday her lunch is packed in one of these, a Ziploc divided container that we reuse. then put into one of her cute lunchboxes. i think we are up to 4 now, may be on our way to 5.

her lunch always consists of a sandwich, fruit, veggie, dairy, treat, drink, and napkin. pretty simple process for the most part. i love simple, that's for sure.

one of the reasons i like packing her lunch in these containers is that she can eat right out of them, without having to lay her food on the germy cafeteria tables. ewwww! so how great is this idea, a place mat lunchbox from my sweet muffin! i thought it was a pretty smart idea in a very cute box.


i am back to blogging

i've been away for far too long!

the holidays and many sicknesses have definitely kept me busy but as always, i am just going to pick up as if i've never been gone.

the zoo. we are members. we love to go!

this past visit we really just skipped the animals and mainly did the park, train, and rock wall. caroline is so brave and has no fear! that makes me pretty proud as a parent. i am sure everyone knows she gets her thrill-seeking gene from phil.

and if there is ever any question about just how good caroline is with hadley, and if she enjoys being a big sister, the last two pictures will give you an answer.