make it a pina colada!

we are back from a week long excursion to jamaica. i, to no one's surprise, stressed way more than i should about the flight and the trip itself. thankfully, my kind doctor sensed this and gave me a prescription for xanax to handle all the stress. i must admit, it helped... a lot! i was stressed about a bad sinus infection i have been battling with for weeks now. i had a ct scan the night before we left and it showed that i was indeed very full in the head. it made the flight a bit uncomfortable, but not near as bad as i expected it to be. i was also stressed about just being away from the comforts & convenience of home. i was stressed about traveling with a toddler. i was stressed about being stressed.

boy... hindsight will always get you. the trip was as perfect as could be. sweet cheeks did an amazing job of traveling. nothing bothered her. how sad a picture to see me, the mother, asking my 2-year old what she sees out the window as i was too scared to look. anyway, we didn't have any issues with boredom or snacking! it is nice to have a toddler who adjusts well to change. she was great and had more fun than i could have imagined. the beach was her friend. she had fun covering me, many times, with tons of sand. she had fun picking out her food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the buffets that we ate at. even with the huge selection, most meals for her consisted of french fries and black olives, both of which she dipped in ketchup. she also loved the many pina coladas that we consumed at the pool and at the beach.

the only negative to the trip was the rooster living at the resort. i kid you not, it was a rooster that lived right there on their grounds. i took it as their token rooster that they found gimmicky but i tell you as one on vacation with the opportunity to sleep past 4am, i did not find it gimmicky at all!

she is seriously the cutest thing in her swimsuit and glasses.

we of course had to set the camera up on auto to get this quickie family shot.


before going on vacation, sweet cheeks cousins came over to spend the afternoon with us. she absolutely has a ball every time she is with them. here they are having fun blowing bubbles outside.


sweet cheeks 3rd b-day is just around the corner, so i of course have cupcakes on my mind.

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i can't wait to do a birthday party full of cupcakes for her!