look who's a big girl now!

we went to ikea with the intentions of buying a futon for one of the spare bedrooms. what we left with was a twin bed for sweet cheeks! she tried out several different floor models and seems to get in & out of this particular one with ease, so we got it! she is doing such a great job of sleeping in it at night like a big girl. i am so proud of her. we ended up converting our spare bedroom into one more playroom for sweet cheeks(not that she needed another place to make a mess). we also moved her old toddler bed in there.

here is the proud girl in her big girl bed-

oh how i wish sweet cheeks would keep a headband in. i love it on her but the second i put one on her, she yanks it right out.

and another great picture of her in the cute crewcuts dress. i can't help it, the girl is just so cute-


Bettina said...

Yay for a BGB! Caroline does look cute with a headband in - at least you got a picture of it. Love the pigtales.
Lucky you for having an Ikea close by.

aka Molly said...

I can't get over how big/old Caroline looks laying on her bed! Is she actually sleeping through the night in her new bed? It's a hit and miss with Evan right now.