makeup your mind and i'll makeup mine

so i know i usually share with you all of the amazingly cute kids things that i find on etsy but today i have other plans. i am sharing with you some great makeup that i got on etsy instead. and i love it!
i am a makeup fanatic. wish i wasn't because the stuff is more expensive (and addicting) than crack. i am normally a big stila and mac fan. i decided one day to check out make up on etsy and came across pure natural minerals. it has over 2000 positive reviews and 0 negative. that says a lot.

i decided to give a few things a try.

like the amazing brown eyes collection

and sweet heart blush... the perfect pink for your cheeks
and i will say it again, i think the products are great. not only are the colors beautiful, it stays on so nicely throughout the day.

i will be buying more.

thats my sell for the day.

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