18 weeks

how far along: 18 weeks, 3 days

weight gained: 3 lbs

maternity clothes: a bit. some shirts and 1 pair of gap semi panel jeans. love them! so comfy. also no, still wearing lots of my own shirts and pants (with a belly band of course)

stretch marks: nope. not at all. never got them with sweet cheeks either. hope it stays that way! need to buy myself some mustela.

belly button in: way in!

baby movement: i don't think so. every so often i stop and think, "hey, was that it? did i feel her move?" then that is it. the moments gone. so no real movement yet but i absolutely can't wait.

cravings: queso tonight since we ate at moe's and i couldn't have it. darn you soft cheese!

aversions: no

my first belly shot! can you see it?
i think i feel bigger than i look.


Mom said...

You are so beautiful!
Pregnancy is such an awesome time, full of so many amazing changes and wonders.

Sara said...

you look great!

Bettina said...

You look great. And yes, I see a belly. But boohoo, I've gained more than you - not fair!

JD said...

You look fantastic!! I am jealous!