the nursery... part one

once everything was finally moved out of the nursery, the painters came. i struggled with which color to paint the nursery since i was in favor of gray and the husband was in favor of pink. in the end, i won. well as far as the nursery goes. he won in that sweet cheek's room was painted pink (i'll share a pic of her new room soon).

i of course was much inspired by so many rooms on my favorite nursery blog, ohdeedoh. i know i shared some of those photos with you here. the gray we went with is benjamin moore stonington gray, mixed at lowe's with olympic no voc paint.

so here it is. the first photo of the nursery.

it's gotta start somewhere, right.


Mom said...

Looks so nice! Can't wait to see it when it is finished.
Looking forward to seeing the sweet cheek's room too.

Mom said...

*sorry- should be "seeing sweet cheeks room".

Bettina said...

Looks good. Can't wait to see more.