break on through to the other side

the nursery is finished! yippee. i will post pics of it later this week.

i did want to show you the amazingly special touch that the husband added to both girl's rooms. it is a tunnel! since the room's closets shared a wall, he just went in, cut a hole in the wall, and created a unique tunnel for them to go through. the trim needs to be painted and carpet installed along the inside but it is still functional in the meantime. sweet cheeks and the dogs already make good use of it.

sweet cheeks coming back into her room from her sisters room

and the view from little sister's room looking into sweet cheek's room. half of sweet cheek's closet was transformed into a mini reading space. we just put a bucket of books, bean bag chair, and some pillows in it to create a little reading room.


Mom said...

So cute!

Sara said...

love the tunnel- so cute! They will love using it!
Better post nursery pics soon- later in the week may be too late- or it can be nursery pics w/ a baby in it ;)

Bettina said...

I love it!! What a great idea. WTG hubby!

JD said...

Oooh! I love that tunnel1 and also the reading nook!