the good eggs

so this was actually caroline's 8th easter and hadley's first easter. both girls were born though very close to easter. caroline's first easter was spent in the hospital, which was the end of march 2005. so i guess that was an early easter that year. hadley was born the week after easter, which was at the end of april 2011. a late easter last year. so i think easter will pretty much always fall between their birthdays.

for the second or third year in a row (sadly i can't remember), the william's have invited us over to their house the day before easter for their family lunch and egg hunt. how sweet are they! and this is not just an average egg hunt... it is huge. i would guess caroline found over 30 eggs all filled w/ goodies. needless to say it is always a very fun afternoon full of good food, good company, and lots of eggs.

here is hadley before we left for the egg hunt. so cute looking at me through her fp laugh n learn house. this is our 3rd or 4th attempt at a hair clip in her hair, which is really filling in.

sitting pretty in the green grass
caroline all smiles after finding the mother load of eggs
hadley trying to smoothly steal a few eggs
one of the eggs caroline found had a $2 bill in it. what a fun idea on beth's part!

and of course what is easter without the usual wasted 12 colored eggs that i swear i will make egg salad with every year and have yet to do so!

hadley enjoyed her first experience. i am sure of it! doesn't she look enthralled with the whole process.
well maybe her bright yellow shoe was of more interest to her than the eggs.
caroline loves it though. the fun usually lasts a whole ten minutes and then we run out of eggs.
love this shot of the girls playing afterwards. sisters are so much fun.

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I always love sharing your special days!