itching to get back to school

summer is flying by.

i am actually happy about that because i am not a summer person. i just can not take the heat, the sweating, and the mosquitoes. those simple three things are enough to keep me indoors. then i feel guilty for not getting the girls outside enough but i don't want them sweaty and itchy either. here in GA summer really isn't over until september. that means at least two more months in the heat.

school starts back for caroline in three weeks. she'll be a second grader with a sixth grade attitude.  i know she is excited to go back and be with all her friends, and maybe even a little excited to do some learning.

we have yet to set up a day to go school shopping. she needs the get the ever enormous list of school supplies (which we never did in elementary school!), as well as some skirts, pants, and leggings for her uniform. we were lucky enough, thanks to my sister's tip, to catch abercrombie kids on the right day and got her tons of navy tees and sweaters on clearance that she can wear to school, so now we just need some bottoms.

caroline is also haggling with me about her 2nd grade backpack. last year we dropped $60 on a rolling backpack from garnet hill. guess how often she used it? maybe a month out of the entire school year. she is now begging me for a different rolling backpack because her bff got one. she told me," first graders don't use them but second graders do," a plea that did not win me over.  i'm not sold. so this discussion is still open at our house. currently i told her she would have to use her first grade backpack for a month to prove she will use a rolling backpack before i buy her a new one. i just don't think she'll use it.

one thing we did agree on is school shoes. she is getting a pair of velcro nikes. her second pair of the same shoe but she wore them out over the summer (without socks so you can imagine how lovely they smell).

here are two pairs she picked from next, which we have never ordered from before so i hope the sizing works out.

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