again with the feet

i am on the hunt again for shoes for hadley.

i just can't seem to find anything in a hard sole that stays on well, doesn't give her blisters, and isn't just another pair of stride rites. her robeez and smaller shoes by see kai run are just too soft-soled now that she is playing on a playground covered in mulch. her slip-on vans & converse fall off her feet while she is walking.

so on my hunt i came across these shoes from keep. i think they are pretty adorable and i am a total fan of velcro w/ toddlers who are always on the go. the price isn' so bad either at $35.  i know they look a little on the boyish side but i still think a girl as stylish as hads can pull them off.

what do you think?

kid's - benten

kid's - ramos


Ginny said...

I think they are stylish and should do the job, painlessly, for your other trend setter. :)

melissa said...

I don't like the last pair but love the others! Cailyn likes the last pair. :)