dear diary... i mean dairy

today was a big day for hads. for all of us.

today, after being dairy free for 6 mos, we let hadley make her third attempt at dairy. her first was at birth. fail. second attempt was at a year. fail. and oh my gosh how I pray the girl has finally outgrown the intolerances and passes today's test.

she ate a blueberry muffin at breakfast.

a little ole sweet muffin.

i'd always heard to let attempts with dairy re-introduction to be with foods that have dairy baked in them. Then, should she do well with it, we'd move onto yogurts, then cheeses, then actual milk.

at first the idea of dairy & soy allergy/intolerances really intimidated and scared me. i had no idea what we were going to feed hads. dairy and soy are in everything. so it felt. plus, i hated the idea of her not being able to eat what we ate. in all honesty, it hasn't been that bad once used to the diet and knowing where to shop. in fact, i'd go so far as to say we all ate much healthier because of it.

i really just didn't want her to feel like she was different or strange. i didn't want her to know what it felt like to be excluded or left out. I wanted her to be able to participate in normal sleep over foods, like pizza, cake, and ice cream.
none of these reasons amount to much when it comes to her health, i know, but i still hope she outgrows it.

we will know more for certain tomorrow. we will see if she is a) able to sleep tonight b) has normal poop tomorrow and c) does not act totally crazy and in pain. all easy things to pick up on.

now we wait with fingers crossed, hoping that she will be able to enjoy dairy again tomorrow.

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Ginny said...

Praying all goes well.