two days at the carnival

lemonade days.

one of our favorite things about spring.

it is the small carnival that comes through our town yearly and we absolutely love going to.

this year the weekday experience far outweighed our weekend experience. we took the girls on wed night and it was not busy at all. so there were no lines for the rides, games, or food. (we mainly go to the carnival for the food!) that is the way we prefer a carnival... all fun with no lines. we went again on sunday afternoon and what a crazy scene that was. the lines for everything were ridiculously long. for the same amount of money, the girls rode half the amount of rides. i hope to go next year two weekdays and skip the weekend madness all together.

side note- poor hadley tried a funnel cake, which she seemed to enjoy. what's not to love about the powdered sugar. however, the combination of funnel cake and carousel did not agree with her. 10 minutes later when we got home, poor girl threw it all up. lesson learned.

hads on the carousel, which i might add was a little too fast
 lb on said scary, speedy carousel
 italian ices- yummy

 scary kids mini roller coaster (do you see a theme here).
 hads riding next to me on these little race 
cars that just go round and round. pretty sure 
they cause whiplash. all part of the fun, right

muscle girl winning a prize
i think she prefers the games to the rides 

day two:
caroline was sweet to ride this with hadley
as for whatever reason, parents couldn't ride

 lb on the spyder, which goes up and around.
hello dizzy

can't wait for next year already!

and for fun, a quick flashback to last years carnival

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Ginny said...

So glad you had a good time. You are making memories.