memories up in flames

i think i have always known that it is the little things that seem to make such big memories but really remember this philosophy after the moment has come and gone, and i want to cherish it always.

phil and i agree that we prefer fun family experiences and vacations over toys and gifts. but don't get me wrong, i am well aware that my girls still get plenty of toys and gifts(i can call them spoiled, but you can't). i just know that it is the other things that they will remember, that really make up their childhood memories. pretty sure caroline won't remember a set of clearance bouncy balls that she got at target this weekend, or that capt. america shield but feel pretty confident that she already cherishes her disney vacation memories. that's the way we like it!

so two saturdays ago (and we actually did it again this past saturday with some cousins) we had a fun time roasting marshmallows, making s'mores, and enjoying the fire pit on a very chilly evening. but now that i say the words 'roasting marshmallows,' i wonder if i always say roasting. do i say toasting? what is the correct word, cause now that i say one, the other seems more right? do you toast or roast your marshmallows?

either way, we had a great time doing it. those are the kind of memories i want caroline and hadley to have, of us doing super fun things together as a family. i enjoy that so, so much!

i think our great time is reflected pretty accurately in the images below-

waiting to get their s'mores on

such the action shot

even blue got in on the fun

she looks busted, right! eating too much chocolate again.
she didn't even eat a s'more

i think she is taking her roasting skills pretty seriously here

memories. right here. made them. just like that