shame for shame

how can i be so behind on blogging about these two cuties?

it isn't like they don't give me plenty to write about. believe me, they do. there is always something happening with either one or the both of them. always. and no, that isn't me bragging. sometimes there is too much happening. i'd prefer having nothing to blog about over some of the things my girls go through.

for instance, caroline currently has a concussion.  ughhh. a gymnastics injury. i started to read up on concussions and headaches last night but i had to stop myself because i was really getting nervous about the long term effects from a concussion. it is pretty scary. today is day 8 since the accident happened and she is still experiencing daily headaches.

the accident was a back handspring gone wrong. she landed on her head and in the process strained her neck as well. i am guessing since the gymnastics teacher was on the trampoline with her at the time, there just wasn't any give in the trampoline so it was basically like she landed on a flat, hard surface with her head. it is going to be hard to let her go back to gymnastics.  i hate being a scared mother but i am. i do not like my kids to get hurt, especially if it involves a head injury.

i will be blogging more. just watch.

it would be easy to quit blogging but i would really miss being able to look back on this as well. i owe this to the girls. so i am starting here. again. wish me luck.


Ginny said...

So glad to see you again!

Ginny said...
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