we traded in the snow for the ocean

we had snow two times already this winter in ga. and we left the second round of snow behind us as we headed to jamaica. we were so lucky to have made it to the airport and to have been able to fly out in such terrible conditions. 

yeah for jamaica.

we love our yearly trip with the husband's family. i think this was one of our best so far. both girls stayed healthy through the entire trip. that is a first for us. plus, hadley was big enough to enjoy herself independently this year. all of the girls absolutely loved the water slides and the endless pina coladas.

unfortunately, hadley still had an asthma flare up once we got home due to the change in climate. we ended up using prednisone to get her cough under control by day 5. still, i was thankful it didn't start up until we were home in georgia where modern medicine is easily accessible. 

so here is our trip through pictures, as always.

on the road to the airport. thankfully snow plows cleared a lane on the highway so we made it to the airport in one piece. i won't lie though... i was nervous during this drive.

at the airport waiting to check our luggage. this was awful and took us 2 hours thanks to so many other cancelled flights getting in our way. the girls did a great job of being patient. snacks really help!

hadley snacking pool side

 just had to snap up a quick shot of her in her swimsuit. it was pretty cute on her
 all smiles at lunch time

sitting on our little porch before dinner. it really has such a pretty view. thank you to grandma for making the girls all matching valentine tees.

 i think i get a shot from this same spot every year. this is where we go for our pre-dinner cocktail party

my girls
 a few of the partygoers

family photo... this is usually as good as it gets for us
 a view of our resort from the dock
 feeding the fish
 said fish being fed
 ellis and caroline
 probably my favorite shot of caroline the whole trip. she's adorable sitting on the rock in her shades
 walking to dinner in their matching dresses... thanks uncle molly for those

 another porch photo before dinner. can you see the braids in their hair?

 and waiting for the bus to head to the airport

until next year, jamaica...

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Ginny said...

It's always fun to share your trips.
So glad you were able to make it.