a new idea for my blog

the husband and i were chatting the other day about my blog and it's future. i am pretty aware of where i do not want it to go. i have no interest in scratching and clawing to get readers. i do not want it full of tutorials on cooking or crafts (well, that is a given because i am neither a chef nor crafty). i do not want it so full of advertisements that you can't even find my writing.  but i really haven't given much thought about where i do want it to go and innovative ideas to keep it fun and fresh. the conversation was a great one and brought up a lot of really good thoughts and ideas.

here is idea numero uno.

i write a post from my perspective as the parent of caroline. ok, that isn't the new part since that is what i always do. but wait... here is the innovation. i will have her write a post from her perspective as the child. i think it is a brilliant idea and something we will love to look back on later in life. not only will it be a fun twist to go from hearing my one-sided stories to hearing caroline's as well, but we will have the opportunity to see her growth in grammar, literature, maturity, etc. i have already approached her about the idea and she is totally on board. she loves the idea of sharing herself with the world. though i think i might have to inform her about what a small audience we have here. i know that a girl who has been through a tonsillectomy, a fish bone in the tonsil, a broken pinky, and a concussion in one year is going to have some pretty great stories to share. i can't wait to hear them.

so there you have it.  something to look forward to. a new idea and a new perspective for pink and chocolate milk.

stay tuned.


SweetCheek's Dad said...

I love it!

Ginny said...

...as do I.Maybe a visit from a man living with three girls. I love your blog because you are always so open and honest with us, your faithful readers. 👏