in the big leagues now

the summer that caroline was three years old, she transitioned to a new classroom at her preschool. the big deal in that was two-fold. first, it meant moving from the baby building to the big kid building. second, it meant playing on the big playground. it was a huge deal to us both but for very different reasons. to her it was simple... the big playground with tire swings. to me it was the emotional aspect of seeing my little baby more as a kid. as proud as i was, i was also sad about loosing my baby. she was proud running on the playground with her little crew but i was nervous of the bumps and bruises a bigger playground welcomed.

today was a big deal for hadley and me. today was her first day at the big kid preschool. starting today she only plays on the big kid playground. today I felt exactly the same way I felt six years ago when caroline made the same change at the same school. i felt excited. i felt scared. we both felt proud as we parked in a new parking lot, walked through a new set of doors, and were greeted by a new teacher. the same teacher that taught caroline years earlier. same feelings, different child.
i knew today meant a lot to hadley as she wore her blue school tshirt, which everyone does every monday. everyone but hadley up till today.  she knows she's a big kid now.

just see how she beamed 

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Ginny said...

My goodness, she even carries herself like a big kid. I guess she knows!