there are days when hadley instigates and caroline feeds in to it. there are days when hadley wants everything caroline has and believe it or not, caroline doesn't want to share. there are times when these two sisters just seem to bump heads over everything. neither can get their way with the other and neither wants to give in. sharing just doesn't sound like much fun. the other is just annoying. one wants to play and the other wants to watch tv. some days it just doesn't work out and they do not get along. such normal behavior for sisters.

the bright side is that there are other days. days when they absolutely adore each other. days when hadley wants caroline's anything and caroline willingly gives it to her. times when hadley idolizes her big sister and does exactly as caroline directs her to. moments when they are playing school and one gladly accepts the teacher position and the other the student. days when one builds up, the other knocks down, and no one gets upset. those are the days that make me smile the biggest. those are the moments when i realize why it was such an amazing thing for caroline to get a little sister. when i see how lucky hadley is to have such a thoughtful big sister to learn from. the days when they get along as sisters are the happiest days ever. 

i love how hadley has caroline to look up to and how caroline has hadley to smile upon.

even if they just play side by side, it is still a sweet moment because they are together. these two are amazing independently but are extraordinary together.

during the good and the bad, these two will always have each other.

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Ginny said...

So glad they are blessed to have the same sisterly love you have with your sister!