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i know I used to document hads and her spd progress. then i stopped. now I'm going do it to again.

she's doing amazing. the thing I always mention is that big steps for her are normal for your average kid. I may share a pic of her in active pants and you'll be like, ok so what's the big deal? and I'll say, she's wearing pants, dude! that's it. that's the impressive part. or look she's wearing a hoodie! a tight, over the head, awkward-feeling hoodie. man, that kids impressive. buns! she's wearing buns in her hair. I tried for well over a year to get her to do this. can't tell you why she's ok with it now, but she is. that makes me smile. sneakers! she owns not one, but two pairs of nikes. she wears sneakers to school every single day. that, my friend, is positive progress.

fifth grade has been a tougher year for homework for caroline. i'd say on average she gets over an hours worth of work. that on top of an already long school day. i feel bad that she works so hard sometimes. as if she is missing out on more 10-year-old kid time than the average kid. the impressive thing is she does it all so well and without complaints. her study habits have really improved this year as well, resulting in high test scores. her hard work is admirable. i am so proud of her.

this was her cell project, which she made out of a cookie cake and lots of good candy! she made a 100 on this project.

sometimes, fun at our house actually involves science. we had a fun day sunday doing a few science experiments. the first one was a volcano kit from discovery kids which was an absolute bomb. didn't work at all and was a complete waste of money. then we went on to do some rain clouds out of shaving cream with food-colored rain coming through. and our all-time favorite that involves milk, soap, and food coloring. none of these experiments are hard to do and the girls absolutely love doing it! now i see why bill nye was such a hit. science can be cool.

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Ginny said...

So glad to see those beautiful girls again.
Yay to huge steps!