you say it's your birthday

it has been way too long since my last blog. vacation will do that though. sweet cheeks, her daddy, and i spent my 31st birthday weekend at the beach. we traveled with a few friends and their kids, who just so happen to be only 3 &5 months younger than sweet cheeks. it couldn't have been a more perfect weekend.

now, as i said, we were there with two other couples and a total of 3 other toddlers. sweet cheeks had a playmate 24/7 and was in heaven. it also worked out well that the other kids were on the same daily schedule as sweet cheeks, so when she ate they ate, when she slept they slept, when she threw a tantrum they threw a tantrum. ok, maybe it wasn't so extreme but it was nice that things just seemed to flow so well. it was even a bit of a break for us, the parents, since we weren't her only form of entertainment. she really enjoyed having friends around her all of the time.

anyway, we did lots of sand playing and swimming with the kids on our mini-vacation. i have so many fun shots to share, so enjoy

no, i know what you are already thinking. it wasn't enough to make sweet cheek's parents want to give her a sibling! playmates work out so well, i just don't see the additional need for another child just so she can play with someone. who is to say she would even get along with the sibling. there is no guarantee, so we'll play it safe and leave her as an only child. it is what works for us right now

for some reason on our way home in the car i noticed a sign on an 18-wheeler truck that was driving in front of me. the small sign on the back of the truck posted "safe driver needed." i realize this small sign was only meant to suggest that the trucking company was in need of some additional employees. that is what they intended to say anyway, but i took something else from it. to me, it meant i better floor it and get around this truck. to me the sign said that the driver of the truck in front of me was a crazy bad driver and i did not need to be anywhere close to him. to me, "safe driver needed" was because the one currently driving wasn't capable. we quickly passed it

has anyone heard the song "bubbly" by colbie caillat? i have heard it on the radio a few times and now Oxygen uses it on a commercial of theirs. i absolute adore this song right now. it just sounds so happy and makes you want to smile.

one song that i absolutely loathe at the moment is "hey there delilah" by plain white tees. drives me frickin nuts and it seems like every single radio station is playing it!

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