how we change

I love make up! i haven't always loved make up. even in highschool, i rarely wore anything but eyeliner- GASP at my inexperience. explains my lack of boyfriends in highschool for sure. it was in college that i finally started to wear it. it was a few years later that i would grow to absolutely need the stuff. thank god for it because i think i look horrible without it!

i have a girlfriend who is a make up guru. she is the one who got me interested in make up in the first place. we live two hours apart and on our get togethers, which happened too infrequently, we were sure to bring our make up bags in order to share our newest purchases. the funny thing is, most of the new stuff came out looking like the old stuff. you find yourself always purchasing the same shades in make up. i think i own about 10 different lipsticks and within that 10 you will probably only find two different shades.

i am dying to go make up shopping right now for some new fall colors. i never did buy much new this past spring/summer, so needless to say my drive to purchase some new things is in full force. i think i will have to take a few hours for myself one day and go to one of my two favorite make up counters, stila & bobby brown, and have a mini make over. i am so out of the loop on the newest colors for fall that i could use all the help i can get.

do you want to know why i am out of the loop on make up?
here she is:

oh how i love her so.

now instead of buying make up, this is what i find myself buying the most of:

isn't it the absolute cutest dress. it is from crewcuts, the cute kids line from jcrew. i love the silhouette & the color. sweet cheeks is going to look so freakin sweet in it this fall. i will post pics of her wearing it once she actually wears it.

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